The word for today is just a one liner.

Reach out and touch some one today-Without touching a keypad..

Living a quiet life-here

I’ll close my eyes and see that You are

The ever bright and morning star

I’ll close my eyes and my clouds disappear

You are always there-always here

When the life you are living becomes so loud, that you can’t hear God from a distance.

He will come to you, so He can whisper into your ear, with a still-small voice.

He will bring you to an intimate place with Him, face to face, so you can hear Him.

You will once again, be living a quiet life.

Rain on me again

Thanking God for bringing me from this place of dryness, one year ago when He rained His mercy on me.

My tears are falling like the rain

and Lord I know You reign

So let your mercy rain upon me

Let me bloom as a flower again

Lord, it’s all in the power you send

Love of God, rain on me again

Turn my mourning into dancing

In the morning I will dance

Through the night while I was sleeping

You showed me your romance

Now your rain is dancing on me

With all my tears, you’ve set me free

Tears of joy, could nearly drown me

For again you’ve rained on me

Tears of mercy, like a rainstorm

You’ve rained on me again

Surrender- you’re surrounded

You wake up in the light-in My Spirit-in My Peace

Beautiful-surrounded by My Song

No matter what you are wearing on your body-on your mind-on your soul.

I created you naked-you are naked before Me.

I see what I’ve created- not what you have covered yourself with

You were created beautiful-in My sight-in My Image

Arise today, beautiful – knowing you are clothed with Me-surrounded by Me

Surrender- you’re surrounded..

Speaking God’s words

Again, more words. Though more than just words, but the spirit within the words.

The power of God is in the written word and the spoken word. It is written.

Not in the eloquence but in the essence.  In fear and reverence His words are to be spoken.

We speak of what was done before, for the sake of today and the hope for tomorrow.

Christ was crucified for our sins and was resurrected from the grave, to give us the

promise of eternity with Him. Just as He said, with His words.

No man has spoken His eternal words before Him.

No words can disprove Him as He watches over His own words

and proves that they never change or fade away.

He hears your words, for they are His words.

Speak and write words from Him, of Him, to Him..

Dreaming of Your Love

I’m burning the midnight oil again. This seems to happen regularly; anyone else do this? I’m still reflecting-feeling poetic, while seeing how poetic I was feeling a year ago.

“Dreaming of Your Love’

Just to sleep and dream of you

In the Heavens- there with You

To hear your voice and beckoning call

While You guide me through it all

To wake and know I’ve been with You

No doubt of what we’re going to do

From a dream that flew in like a dove

Awakened, but still dreaming of your love..