Memorial Day

Hello, welcome to your first drink of new wine from the Vine. Memorial Day has passed, and is now itself,  just a memory.      What was the essence of your celebration? Do you even remember? Was it really a memorial day?  When we have to struggle to remember, there must not have been much of an impact made on this eventful day. I share the sentiments of  Andy Rooney, spoken on Memorial Day. In part, he said: “I hope that someday in the future, our children will be able to memorialize a day of peace, instead of war.”  The irony of this human race, is its function to pro-create and yet exterminate.  We’ve even chosen a few days a year to celebrate it. The human race seems to contain a virus within itself to self-destruct. Is there no cure? Loss of loved  ones hasn’t stopped it, genocide hasn’t stopped it, the effects of abortion hasn’t stopped it. What will stop it? Could it be that death is better than torture. Children sold into slavery and sex slavery should be allowed to start a war. Victims of incest, some deceived by their own parents, could be memorialized and celebrated for giving their lives for freedom. Freedom from being tortured any longer by their own kind. Freedom from not knowing peace and what it is to be a child. What a war this would be to celebrate. Apparently, we are at war with peace. We continue to kill it, yet we all want it. Strangely though, peace has never attacked us. Peace is waiting for us to surrender – all of us. God will save us, when we all surrender to peace. Peace belongs to God. In other words, surrender to Him and His will. I pray that we as a one people, God’s people, will find a method to bring  peace, to replace ones that only bring death.

Peace to you, Mark


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