Rain on me again

Thanking God for bringing me from this place of dryness, one year ago when He rained His mercy on me.

My tears are falling like the rain

and Lord I know You reign

So let your mercy rain upon me

Let me bloom as a flower again

Lord, it’s all in the power you send

Love of God, rain on me again

Turn my mourning into dancing

In the morning I will dance

Through the night while I was sleeping

You showed me your romance

Now your rain is dancing on me

With all my tears, you’ve set me free

Tears of joy, could nearly drown me

For again you’ve rained on me

Tears of mercy, like a rainstorm

You’ve rained on me again


One response to “Rain on me again

  1. wow, I love this. A little something I never posted but it goes like this:
    Thank you
    Lord let my tears fall down my sinful cheeks
    as I fall down you lift me up and clense me to wear your crown

    just reminded me of this when you wrote tears and all that jazz. thanks

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