The News Today (from the project “All about His Love”)

This writing comes from a sobering realization that what was addressed as “The news today”, in 1993, is still the news today, seventeen years later. The solution remains the same. Please read this and consider applying it to your life.  Know that together, we can change the news, today.  Peace and love to you.

6‑93           “The News Today”           by  Mark Ettinger

I was looking ‑ at the news today

So many  have the blues today

With rape and theft and hate and war

Don’t let children suffer ‑ no ‑ no more

If we don’t soon stop all this madness

We’ll be lost in sorrow ‑ Bye‑Bye gladness

I saw it in the news today

But it doesn’t have to be this way

One way to change the print on that paper

We have to learn to love  one another

Just raise your voice to God  and pray

For this shame and sorrow to go away

It can happen if we all  pray together

If we don’t ‑ things may never  ever get better

We just have to get down on our knees

Pray to God for peace – God please

With faith and trust and love so pure

Doing things that God so adores

We’ll see peace in the news someday

So lift your voice to God and pray

Peace – God – please

Peace – God – please

No more – no more –  don’t let children suffer

Learn to love – learn to love – love one another

We can change – we can change – the print on that paper

I want to see peace – in the news, today

I want to see hope – in the news, today

I want to see love – in the news, today

I want to read about it, every day

Learn to love – learn to love – love one another

Extra ! Extra!  Read all about it!

God is alive!  He lives in you!


Light of the world (from the project “Sunrise – Sunset”)

As the morning sun brings forth the light

And the evening moon is still in sight

It’s plain to see how powerful you are

The rising sun and the evening star

The Light of the world is who You are

You light the east – You light the west

The world is glowing as we rest

The same light that brings the light of day

Departs and takes the light away

The moon glow is Your promise

That tomorrow, light will bless us

Though the darkness overtakes us

Light returns and wakes us

I will not fear the darkness

It’s just a time to rest

Desperate for You (from the project “All about His Love”)

Desperate for You

If I’m desperate for anything – I’m desperate for You

Tried almost everything –there’s no one like You

The world is uncertain, but Jesus you’re still the same

You first loved me – that’s why I  love You

You guard my heart and guide me to You

You are my Shepherd-You keep me from wandering

So I’m desperate- I’m desperate for You

Yes I’m desperate-I’m desperate for You

Help me to never forget my first love

Let me remember Your grace is enough

Nothing I do can compare to the things You’ve done

I’m desperate – I’m desperate for You

Oh Jesus – I’m calling for You

If there’s one thing that’s certain- It’s You’ve set me free

You walk beside me and never leave me

No way I’m falling, while Your love is holding me

I still remember- when I first met You

There in your Glory- I bowed before You

My heart was aching- and You came to comfort me

So I’m desperate – I’m desperate for you

Help me to never forget my first love

Let me remember Your  grace is enough

Nothing I do can compare to the things You’ve done

I’m desperate – I’m desperate for You

Oh Jesus – I’m calling on You

Where You are

When I open up my eyes – You are there

When I open up your word – You are there

When I open up my life – You are there

When I open up my heart – You are there

I want to be where You are

I look to the Heavens – and I see where You are

Though You’re in the Heavens

You’re closer than the stars

Creation’s song is over

Though the music is still here

And it lingers so near

Your song is within me

That’s where You are


God created love

He did not create  one hundred different

Religions and gods for us to kill each other over

We created them-He told us not to

God created us to love

To love Him – to love each other

Don’t put a name on your love for God

God deserves all the Glory

Don’t try to make people love your gods

Love people with the love that God put in you

You were born with it-you didn’t even ask for it

Let people love the love of God in you

There is only one love

One people – we are all the same

We were all created to walk upright

And swing our arms when we walk

And use our hands to feed ourselves

and our children and the hungry

God united us – gods divide us

Religions divide us

We made the gods who made us gods

These gods all want to be number one

God made the love that made Him God

God is love – love is God

What is the essence of love?

Love is waking up every morning and

realizing  that you had absolutely nothing to do with it

It’s just there for you – you can’t stop it, change it or

ever make it better, no matter what religion you are

When night comes and you go to sleep again

No matter what you did that day or who you

did it to – the sun will rise again.

That’s love – that’s forgiveness

As God has forgiven you-forgive others

Be a sunrise for another person

treat them like they are a rising sun for you

Be a participant of every rising of God’s sun

That’s love – that’s God

Love is God -God is love

Your Treasure (from the project “All about His love”)

God, your  love for me is

More than I can measure

And the way you feel for me

Is just like I’m your treasure

Though I turn away from my first love

You come after me with more love

You take me back to the love I lost

There’s no more complete love

At no greater cost

And it cost me nothing

You paid it all

More than I can measure

Just like I’m your treasure

When I  know that I’m worth this much

I will know your loving touch

A touch that gives the greatest pleasure

When I know that I’m your greatest treasure