Faithfulness and Fruitfulness

You send the rain

You give the sun

Blossoms open from your light

Fruit comes from within your flower

Created by your love and power

Fruitfulness from Holiness

Faithfulness and nothing less

I’m opened by your light

I feel your love and power

Let your fruit come forth

From this open flower

And the seed that brings even more

A seed that’s sprouted  with roots down deep

The tree growing and showing its leaves

Faith waters it  – fruit grows from it

Time ripens it-I live from it

Faith brings the fruit that brings more faith

Faithfulness and fruitfulness

From one tree


2 responses to “Faithfulness and Fruitfulness

  1. Thank you Donna, you are officially to date, my biggest fan and even before that, I was yours. Bless you and thanks for the continued inspiration. Mark

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