God created love

He did not create  one hundred different

Religions and gods for us to kill each other over

We created them-He told us not to

God created us to love

To love Him – to love each other

Don’t put a name on your love for God

God deserves all the Glory

Don’t try to make people love your gods

Love people with the love that God put in you

You were born with it-you didn’t even ask for it

Let people love the love of God in you

There is only one love

One people – we are all the same

We were all created to walk upright

And swing our arms when we walk

And use our hands to feed ourselves

and our children and the hungry

God united us – gods divide us

Religions divide us

We made the gods who made us gods

These gods all want to be number one

God made the love that made Him God

God is love – love is God

What is the essence of love?

Love is waking up every morning and

realizing  that you had absolutely nothing to do with it

It’s just there for you – you can’t stop it, change it or

ever make it better, no matter what religion you are

When night comes and you go to sleep again

No matter what you did that day or who you

did it to – the sun will rise again.

That’s love – that’s forgiveness

As God has forgiven you-forgive others

Be a sunrise for another person

treat them like they are a rising sun for you

Be a participant of every rising of God’s sun

That’s love – that’s God

Love is God -God is love


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