“You are Beautiful”

The night is put behind me

As the morning lights the day

A sea of clouds above me

Flowing  by like ocean waves

I wake up to this beauty

Knowing God has made it all

I’m covered by Your mercy

And  I thank  You for it all

You are beautiful

There’s none as beautiful as You

You are beautiful

Creation made beautiful by You

The clouds are like brush strokes

Sweeping softly through the sky

Your wind paints a picture

A picture for your bride

The sun is now rising

And You warm me with the day

You know everything I need

There’s no need for me to say

I’ll say I love you and You love me

You are beautiful

When I go astray – You love me

You are beautiful – You are here

You’re always here – with each new day

This is your way – and it’s beautiful

Let me always see – You are beautiful


One response to ““You are Beautiful”

  1. Indeed! God’s beauty is seen in each and every detail, in this world! And it’s so amazing!!
    Your poem really seemed to do justice to this wonder around us!!!

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