Hearing from God

The other morning, I was wrestling with my thoughts – trying to just stay focused and hear from the Lord. My mind went back and forth from this to that, until finally, I felt connected. I asked the Lord:”Why is this such a struggle to stay in tune with Your Holy spirit?” This is what I heard:

“I love you even more in your trials and failures than in your successes. In your success, you seek your glory, in your trials and failures you seek Me.” Then, as I heard this, I could hear in my head the song: “Longer” by Dan Fogelberg:

“Longer than the stars were in the Heavens -I’ve been in love with you.” That really brightened my day and touched me in my spirit. To hear from God, how He feels about you and to even let you hear an old 70’s song, to tell you how much He loves you, is such an amazing love.

He loves us all the same way. Know that God loves you this much and more. Don’t worry or dwell on your trials and failures.

He loves you even more through them, than in your success.

Seek Him, love Him, give Him the glory and you will succeed.



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