You woke up this morning – Relax
If you are following God – Relax
If you are not – Start today
It’s raining and it’s a beautiful day


God is with you (a sibling verse)

When you watch the flowers grow

Then you can be still and know

God is with you

You can see the light of day

So  look up to Him and say

You are with me

Though you can’t see Him at all

He will catch you when you fall

God is with you

When you need a friend that cares

But can’t find one anywhere

God is with you

He is  with you in the night

Walking with you as  your light

He is with you through the storm

Your heart’s freezing – He is warm

He is with you when you cry

Speaking truth when evil lies

When death tells you – love has died

He is with you – love lives with you

God is with you


While I was pondering the context of my last entry titled: “You are with me” and how people receive it. I felt drawn to write it in such a way, that it would speak to the reader.  I call it a sibling verse or a fraternal twin, if you will.       The original, is my speaking from my heart, which you can as well, recite yourself and own it, in your own heart.

The sibling is the verse speaking to you – the essence or the heart of the verse. I felt that there are some who are touched more by reading a verse spoken to them or for them, rather than a verse written from the heart of another.  Now I’m just in thought as to which one to publish, or to attach one to the other. How do you know?  Which do you think has more influence?  They are twins.

I welcome any comments on this sibling writing.

You are with me

When I watch the flowers grow

Then I can be still and know

You are with me

I can see the light of day

So I  look to You and say

You are with me

Though I can’t see You at all

You still catch me when I fall

You are with me

When I need a friend that cares

But can’t find one anywhere

You are with me

You are with me in the night

Walking with me as my light

You are with me through the storm

My heart’s freezing – You are warm

You are with me when I cry

Speaking truth when evil lies

When death tells me – love has died

You are with me – love lives with me

You are with me

Love You More (from “All about His love”)

I need to love You more

I need to love You Lord

More than I love my life

I need to love You more

I need to love you Lord

To love You so much more

For Your love is so sure

Your love is greater than life

When I give in to You

Then You give in to me

You lead my heart to see

Your love is part of me

When my love is unsure

You love me even more

My broken heart restored

Because I am adored

I could love my life

Or I could love You Lord

Your love is greater than life

I need to love You more


This song was inspired by Psalm 63:3.  Also by a song I heard from this verse.

One day  in 1998, after listening to it, I was  convicted in my heart  to write

my own song of love to the  Lord, as I had never written one.

I felt in my heart, that I needed to love Him more than I was..

His love endures forever – we are living proof of that.

He Loves us with an everlasting love.

Knowing and experiencing this, shouldn’t we try to love Him more?

Not more than He loves us, because we cannot achieve that much love.  We need to love Him in a greater  capacity – accomplished to some extent, by being more selfless and focused on Him. We can show our love by trusting more, giving more, serving more or by being more obedient  to His word..

By saying “I love You more than I love my life” you are loving Him more.

Picture love as a bonding or weaving together of many strands. When something tries to cut it, the other strands hold it together. When something pulls on it, the weaving only gets tighter, holding it together.  If you really love someone, nothing can cut you or pull you apart. What a picture of unity, when one gets cut or pulled away, we all hold on to them and know that they would hold on to us.    Ecclesiastes 4:12

You are with them always. This is God’s love for us : “I Am with you always, even to the end of the world”.   Matthew 28:20

Nothing can separate us from the love of God.   Romans 8:38-39

Lord, I need to love you more…

Reigning Spirit

Raining today – not to worry – Lord You reign

Hearing in my spirit – like rain drops

Evil cannot permeate me – it ricochets

The Holy Spirit conforms like a gel

I’m absorbing all the spirit brings

It permeates me deep within

Thoughts that need to stay

No more passing – heartless words

No winds of doctrine I’ve already heard

The Spirit lingers – the words fall away

Things I don’t hear, seem to stay

The Spirit speaks in a permanent way

Inhabiting my heart – not fading away

I’m surrounded and I know it

No need for show and tell

When you reach this place – you just know

An instant reality of His image upon  you

Then your life changes

When you’ve finally found God to be

More than you think you are

Conforming like a gel

Absorbing all that His Spirit brings

You will know – when your heart sings

Raining today – not to worry – Lord, You reign

Let it rain – let it rain – permeate me

Hearing from God (in retrospect)

In retrospect to my most recent writing, which relates to hearing God. Today, I was looking at my journal from a year ago and also my daily devotional from yesterday, only to find similar writings on hearing God.  The confirmations of these writings, led me to share this event from one year ago today. It’s amazing how some things go full circle and return to you.

Spiritually speaking, this is a nice occurence, as we are in the season of Rosh Hoshanah

and are to be seeking our oneness with God. So I pray for my Jewish friends and family

and my Christian friends and family who are seeking God’s closeness during this time.

Also to those who are soul-searching, to find oneness with God. May this testimony lead you there.

One  year ago,  I was continuing my work on  remodeling a house.  A week or so before, I had lost my hammer and couldn’t find it. I was using a hammer that belonged to the owner of the house I was working on, to do some other work. When I returned to the house, I took his hammer back in with me and wondered to myself: “Where is my hammer?”

My work for the day was in the kitchen, so I turned on the radio and started to work on the cabinets.  Thinking about my hammer again, since I needed it and really liked the feel of it, I opened up an upper cabinet door and there was my hammer, lying in the cabinet.

I said out loud: “Hey, there’s my hammer!”  The music was playing and the instant I  grabbed the hammer, I heard the singer on the radio sing these words; “The hand on the hammer was God’s.”  The song continued and I stood there with this hammer in my hand. A wave of energy went right through my body, from head to toe.  I was struck in my spirit by the depth of the words to this song that I’ve never heard before.

The Holy Spirit upon me was overwhelming and this feeling of joy and the love of God came over me, as I stood there, gazing at my hammer. What an awesome presence this was . I could feel the presence of God with me in that kitchen. Then amazingly, the next

two or three songs were some of my favorites, so I just stopped working and was singing along, worshiping God, with a hammer in my hand. I was set up – God had something to tell me and  He used a hammer and a song on the radio to do it. He told me He loves me.

As I said in the previous writing; You can hear God. He may not talk in words to you-face to face, or tell you what you want to hear. Though if you listen, you will hear Him, through the media that He chooses. It may be situational, people, movies, dreams, songs – God loves songs. He will tell you what you need to hear.

He spoke to me one year ago, He spoke to me yesterday, He is guiding me today.

He could be speaking to you right now, as you’re reading this- do you hear Him?

He hears you, He wants you to hear Him. Not just in this Holy time of atonement with Him,

but every day.  Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord, will be saved.

He hears you – He loves you.   Peace..   Oneness with God, is peace.


Holy desperation will bring your restoration

A new communication with the God of your salvation

I am quite certain that God hears everything we say

You hear Him – Do you listen?

A parent says to their child: “Be home early.”

They hear, but they come home late

They didn’t listen. The punishment is self-inflicted.

Holy desperation will bring your restoration.

A new communication with the God of your salvation

When you are desperate to be Holy

Your restoration will be self-inflicted

Sleeping in peace – waking in love