Reigning Spirit

Raining today – not to worry – Lord You reign

Hearing in my spirit – like rain drops

Evil cannot permeate me – it ricochets

The Holy Spirit conforms like a gel

I’m absorbing all the spirit brings

It permeates me deep within

Thoughts that need to stay

No more passing – heartless words

No winds of doctrine I’ve already heard

The Spirit lingers – the words fall away

Things I don’t hear, seem to stay

The Spirit speaks in a permanent way

Inhabiting my heart – not fading away

I’m surrounded and I know it

No need for show and tell

When you reach this place – you just know

An instant reality of His image upon  you

Then your life changes

When you’ve finally found God to be

More than you think you are

Conforming like a gel

Absorbing all that His Spirit brings

You will know – when your heart sings

Raining today – not to worry – Lord, You reign

Let it rain – let it rain – permeate me


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