Love You More (from “All about His love”)

I need to love You more

I need to love You Lord

More than I love my life

I need to love You more

I need to love you Lord

To love You so much more

For Your love is so sure

Your love is greater than life

When I give in to You

Then You give in to me

You lead my heart to see

Your love is part of me

When my love is unsure

You love me even more

My broken heart restored

Because I am adored

I could love my life

Or I could love You Lord

Your love is greater than life

I need to love You more


This song was inspired by Psalm 63:3.  Also by a song I heard from this verse.

One day  in 1998, after listening to it, I was  convicted in my heart  to write

my own song of love to the  Lord, as I had never written one.

I felt in my heart, that I needed to love Him more than I was..

His love endures forever – we are living proof of that.

He Loves us with an everlasting love.

Knowing and experiencing this, shouldn’t we try to love Him more?

Not more than He loves us, because we cannot achieve that much love.  We need to love Him in a greater  capacity – accomplished to some extent, by being more selfless and focused on Him. We can show our love by trusting more, giving more, serving more or by being more obedient  to His word..

By saying “I love You more than I love my life” you are loving Him more.

Picture love as a bonding or weaving together of many strands. When something tries to cut it, the other strands hold it together. When something pulls on it, the weaving only gets tighter, holding it together.  If you really love someone, nothing can cut you or pull you apart. What a picture of unity, when one gets cut or pulled away, we all hold on to them and know that they would hold on to us.    Ecclesiastes 4:12

You are with them always. This is God’s love for us : “I Am with you always, even to the end of the world”.   Matthew 28:20

Nothing can separate us from the love of God.   Romans 8:38-39

Lord, I need to love you more…


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