God is with you (a sibling verse)

When you watch the flowers grow

Then you can be still and know

God is with you

You can see the light of day

So  look up to Him and say

You are with me

Though you can’t see Him at all

He will catch you when you fall

God is with you

When you need a friend that cares

But can’t find one anywhere

God is with you

He is  with you in the night

Walking with you as  your light

He is with you through the storm

Your heart’s freezing – He is warm

He is with you when you cry

Speaking truth when evil lies

When death tells you – love has died

He is with you – love lives with you

God is with you


While I was pondering the context of my last entry titled: “You are with me” and how people receive it. I felt drawn to write it in such a way, that it would speak to the reader.  I call it a sibling verse or a fraternal twin, if you will.       The original, is my speaking from my heart, which you can as well, recite yourself and own it, in your own heart.

The sibling is the verse speaking to you – the essence or the heart of the verse. I felt that there are some who are touched more by reading a verse spoken to them or for them, rather than a verse written from the heart of another.  Now I’m just in thought as to which one to publish, or to attach one to the other. How do you know?  Which do you think has more influence?  They are twins.

I welcome any comments on this sibling writing.


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