Friend = Noun and Verb

I have both noun friends and verb friends. I love my nouns, although I wish some of them were verbs. Friend-lier or help-ful or love-ing. More conversation than salutation.

More activation than meditation.

Is anyone relating to this?  In reference to Christendom.  If you want to have a

more meaningful  Christian relationship, try treating your friends like they are a human

being, not like they’re some super spiritual -impervious to any pain, type of being.

Apparently, Christians do well spirit to spirit, but are lacking in human to human issues.

It’s like being  in the spirit, is an excuse to not be human, or to consider the obvious

needs of another. That spirit is attached to the mind, will, needs and emotions of a being.

In a sense, we need to be more spiritual with our humaness, letting the Holy Spirit direct

our humanity.

The next time someone is asking for a helping hand and you pray for them but missed the part about the hand; your prayer just went unanswered, as did theirs.

Lets all try to be verbs, not just nouns.  Be doers of the word, not just hearers.

Truth or fiction? Could it be that being more human, is actually being more spiritual?



2 responses to “Friend = Noun and Verb

  1. Dear Mark,
    I just re-read this in another season of my life where I’ve been victimized by Christians, so it has another meaning to me,,,,,’comforter of my soul.’
    Thanks for seeing with another perspective in order to put into words what we have/will all experience.

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