Until my last breath

Twenty years ago, I had no will to live and no way to change it. Darkness had covered me and I said “take me.”  Just as the switch was about to be pulled, God reached out His hand and He said: “Overruled”.  The Light overcame the darkness, the Life overcame the death.

Again, I say that I will serve You, until my last breath.

This is a reminder to all  of you, as to who you belong to. Light and Life belong to God. Darkness has no right to you – you belong to the Light. He saved me – He’ll save you.

The following was written to commemorate that day.

The day that I found you

I had reached my last breath

I was years from eternity

Though moments from death

Your Spirit walked with me

And showed me the way

I’ll always remember what happened that day

I found no joy in living

So You started giving

No hope of my own

So You called me your own

Though darkness had covered me

You shined your light on me

You lifted the veil

You saved me from death

So I will praise you until my last breath


One response to “Until my last breath

  1. I’m telling ya Mark, you are so gifted for this stuff. Don’t ever quit! I wish the world could see, & read, your stuff. Maybe one day they will.

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