Google Yourself

While stopped at a traffic light  this summer. I could hear many different radio stations playing from the vehicles around me. I was imagining what all those radio waves  and digital signals  looked like and would we listen to them, if we could see what they contained.  It must look like a multi-colored , tightly woven spiders web, wrapping the planet.  If you could see it, you might be afraid to go out into it. We are like tuners or receivers of these waves and we choose what we tune in to. You become a product of what you receive, also a transmitter. What are you receiving or transmitting?   What about in the privacy of your car or your computer room? Ear buds?

Some may think: “What does it matter what I listen to, what I watch, what site I’m on. Something is nudging you to receive what you have chosen and what you have chosen becomes a part of you. These waves are attracted to the number you put on your receiver.  You may deny it and think your channels are clear.  Imagine what is being transmitted from you. Would you want anyone to tune into you?  Have some people already tuned you out? Are you tuned in to the Holy Spirit?  You may want to Google yourself  or the Holy Spirit and see what’s in you-delete some channels.  Be aware of the Prince of the air.         He was the angel of the audio/visual department. He wants to squelch you.


A child of God

God, You are the God of creation and life

The God of peace and mercy and love

You love Your creation and its destination

You knew the beginning and You know the end

Which direction the days will follow

You direct me and I should follow

I am Your child, your creation, your life

I am not anything that the world or

My misguided thoughts think that I am

You abide in me as I should in You

You live in my heart and my heart beat is from You

I am the product of peace, mercy and love

I am an heir of Your creation and its destination

You brought me into Your banqueting table

And your banner over me is love

You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies

Surely goodness and mercy will follow me

All the days of my life  –  I am a child of God

Thank you for my life.

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving is about family and considering those who don’t have a family.                          Being thankful for the family that you may only see on Thanksgiving day is essential to a grateful heart. I recently was given boxes of memorabilia that were my parents – things that I’ve never seen before now. The photos and items have connected me with mine and my parents pasts. I may not have known these people or about these people but they are my people-my blood. I sent a box of some of these items to my sister.
This Thanksgiving day, when my son and his wife come over, I’m going to introduce him to his past-his blood, so he can see where he came from, something that I was never shown. Why, I’ll probably never know – they’re all gone. Now, they have all returned for the holiday. Thanksgiving, it’s about family and unity and thanking God for it.

Open up and grow

The coldness is gone – don’t worry about the fire
Come forth. Let your buds open up and grow
Don’t stay attached to or be led by those who stay cold
They can only take you to cold places
Reach for the sun – be warm and grow
Let the rain fall upon you and give you life
Open up the dry soil – be watered and made new
Open up and grow

I want to hear you

I want to hear You

I want You to hear me

We all want to be heard

We all want peace – we all want healing

And it will come –

Not only by Your living word

But by living only Your word

The last shall be first

I’ve waited and I’ve heard

I said nothing and You heard me

You heard my heart

You  respond to my heart

I will  follow my heart

I want to hear You

I hear You in my heart



You’re already there

So you’re feeling like you’re back where you started

Afraid that you’ll be broken-hearted

Feeling like you’re on your own

Or that you really haven’t grown

You started with God

And your heart isn’t bad

He said He’d never leave you alone

He made you a seed

For  the ones you will feed

To be plants that He said will be grown

So don’t be discouraged, downcast or worried

God knows the time and he won’t be hurried

You’re already there – You’re next to the door

You’ll soon walk into what you’ve waited for

So keep moving on – keep moving forward

Don’t look behind –  only look upward

Look up to Him – He’ll pull you higher

You came to Him – He is your desire

You’re already there – you’re already there..