Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving is about family and considering those who don’t have a family.                          Being thankful for the family that you may only see on Thanksgiving day is essential to a grateful heart. I recently was given boxes of memorabilia that were my parents – things that I’ve never seen before now. The photos and items have connected me with mine and my parents pasts. I may not have known these people or about these people but they are my people-my blood. I sent a box of some of these items to my sister.
This Thanksgiving day, when my son and his wife come over, I’m going to introduce him to his past-his blood, so he can see where he came from, something that I was never shown. Why, I’ll probably never know – they’re all gone. Now, they have all returned for the holiday. Thanksgiving, it’s about family and unity and thanking God for it.


2 responses to “Thanksgiving 2010

  1. Amen! I love it! My wife and I have been repacking some old keepsakes recently and we’ve come across lots of old stuff like that from our past. It’s cool to sit down with my son and show him pictures of me when I was his age and things like the sketch pad that I used to draw in then… he’s suddenly taken an interest in drawing…

    Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for sharing this!

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