Google Yourself

While stopped at a traffic light  this summer. I could hear many different radio stations playing from the vehicles around me. I was imagining what all those radio waves  and digital signals  looked like and would we listen to them, if we could see what they contained.  It must look like a multi-colored , tightly woven spiders web, wrapping the planet.  If you could see it, you might be afraid to go out into it. We are like tuners or receivers of these waves and we choose what we tune in to. You become a product of what you receive, also a transmitter. What are you receiving or transmitting?   What about in the privacy of your car or your computer room? Ear buds?

Some may think: “What does it matter what I listen to, what I watch, what site I’m on. Something is nudging you to receive what you have chosen and what you have chosen becomes a part of you. These waves are attracted to the number you put on your receiver.  You may deny it and think your channels are clear.  Imagine what is being transmitted from you. Would you want anyone to tune into you?  Have some people already tuned you out? Are you tuned in to the Holy Spirit?  You may want to Google yourself  or the Holy Spirit and see what’s in you-delete some channels.  Be aware of the Prince of the air.         He was the angel of the audio/visual department. He wants to squelch you.


One response to “Google Yourself

  1. Dude… that’s a pretty intense thought! And I love the idea of how we are sending and receiving things… that’s a really great analogy, but I also know that it’s more than an analogy.

    Sorry for taking so long to follow up on this [wednesday trendsday] post! Thanks for participating!

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