Infinity Lingers ∞

The December holidays have come and gone again. Reflecting on this holiday week, I’m praying for the spirit of peace, love, joy, giving and unity of family, to be more than a visitation; more of a habitation – to linger a long while among us; Spirit, don’t leave us.

As I ‘m sitting here, I closed my eyes and had a vision of an endless row of lit candles, making a slight curve as they went on into infinity. I saw how our individual candles put together, make a solid flame, giving off great light and waves of heat.

We are destined for infinity – God is infinite and he goes on forever, like the candles.We have the promise of infinity – eternity with Him.I want this beautiful vision to linger with me, as with the spirit of this holiday.

It’s a beautiful – infinite vision.  A picture without a border – A song you always hear.

A memory that never leaves you – a love that is always near.

Infinity, it is there, but it lingers here –  forever. We’ll always be together.   ∞



Lost? Try a GPS

We all know what it feels like to be lost. That feeling of helplessness that immediately has you looking for someone for directions or a sign that you missed or looking under the seat for a map. Then, though it’s too late, you put your hand to your forehead  and ask yourself; “Why didn’t I get that GPS ?” You may or may not have heard the term “Lost” used in the terminology of evangelists or church people, trying to direct such lost people. You may not know what they are referring to, as being “lost”.  What they mean is:  You need a GPS.

The following may clarify for you as to whether you are lost and give you  some direction.

If you don’t know where you are or where you are going – you are lost.
If you don’t believe you are lost – you’ve lost your direction, but found your pride.
If you don’t believe in forgiveness – you’ve lost your heart.
If you don’t believe in peace – you’ve lost your love.
If you don’t believe in love – you’ve lost the foundation of life.
If you don’t believe in God – you’ve lost yourself.
If you’ve lost yourself – what will you ever find?
Are you lost?  If so, you need a GPS or God Provided Salvation.
Return home. Be reconciled to God.

Romans 10:13 reads:  Everyone  (that includes you) who calls upon the name of the Lord will be found, rescued, saved, brought back home. Use your GPS, set to “Return Home”


God, inhabit me

God, make your habitation in me

You inhabit the praises of Your people

And I praise You – inhabit me

As the stars inhabit the sky – inhabit me

the Earth is Yours and all of its fullness

Inhabit me, with Your fullness

Holy Spirit , fill this place within me

Take away any disgrace within me

Make Your habitation in me

Love of God, abide in me

The psychology of friendship

In reference to psychology and friendship. Without lessening the need for the profession.

I have experienced and am convinced, that two healthy, committed, loving friends, can

take the place of any therapist.

So friends, cling to your troubled friends like a vine. You who are troubled, draw near to your friends who love you. Wrap your selves around each other.

Two even better better friends, are forgiveness and foresight.

Holiday perspective – fill in the blank _____

Hanukkah, Christmas – Jew,  Christian –  Agnostic, atheist.  Fill in the blank ______  Whatever you call yourself or others,  it’s all about God.

Hanukkah and the menorah – they’re not about the Jew -they’re about God.

Christmas – Jesus – they’re not about Christians – they’re about God.

Agnostic, atheist – they’re not about independence –  their  antithesis is  God.

Where ever people are with their identity, this Holy – holiday season,

it’s all about the spirit of the living God – the God who lives through you.

Regardless of what you believe or don’t believe,

right now, at this very moment, there is a spirit of love,  joy, peace,

giving, forgiving, reconciliation, family love, grace and self-sacrifice

that is present all over the world. These are the spirit of God.

Maybe you’re not experiencing any of the above  spiritual remedies.

Don’t blame God, don’t blame yourself, your family or people.

Change the realm of thought you’re living in. Start meditating on

these spiritual remedies and experience God. They don’t taste bad.

If you have trouble experiencing any of  these traits at other times

during the year, maybe you should consider their source and seek

it out.  By doing so, you may find yourself in this spirit most of the time,

not just at this holiday time of year.

No matter what you think about it or call it, or those who think about  it.

It’s all about God.

Thank Him for all of the good you are experiencing right now,

and know that it’s really present, all  of the time in our world,

if it is present within you.  Give yourself a present this year,

the presence of God.   May the peace of God be with you.