Holiday perspective – fill in the blank _____

Hanukkah, Christmas – Jew,  Christian –  Agnostic, atheist.  Fill in the blank ______  Whatever you call yourself or others,  it’s all about God.

Hanukkah and the menorah – they’re not about the Jew -they’re about God.

Christmas – Jesus – they’re not about Christians – they’re about God.

Agnostic, atheist – they’re not about independence –  their  antithesis is  God.

Where ever people are with their identity, this Holy – holiday season,

it’s all about the spirit of the living God – the God who lives through you.

Regardless of what you believe or don’t believe,

right now, at this very moment, there is a spirit of love,  joy, peace,

giving, forgiving, reconciliation, family love, grace and self-sacrifice

that is present all over the world. These are the spirit of God.

Maybe you’re not experiencing any of the above  spiritual remedies.

Don’t blame God, don’t blame yourself, your family or people.

Change the realm of thought you’re living in. Start meditating on

these spiritual remedies and experience God. They don’t taste bad.

If you have trouble experiencing any of  these traits at other times

during the year, maybe you should consider their source and seek

it out.  By doing so, you may find yourself in this spirit most of the time,

not just at this holiday time of year.

No matter what you think about it or call it, or those who think about  it.

It’s all about God.

Thank Him for all of the good you are experiencing right now,

and know that it’s really present, all  of the time in our world,

if it is present within you.  Give yourself a present this year,

the presence of God.   May the peace of God be with you.


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