Infinity Lingers ∞

The December holidays have come and gone again. Reflecting on this holiday week, I’m praying for the spirit of peace, love, joy, giving and unity of family, to be more than a visitation; more of a habitation – to linger a long while among us; Spirit, don’t leave us.

As I ‘m sitting here, I closed my eyes and had a vision of an endless row of lit candles, making a slight curve as they went on into infinity. I saw how our individual candles put together, make a solid flame, giving off great light and waves of heat.

We are destined for infinity – God is infinite and he goes on forever, like the candles.We have the promise of infinity – eternity with Him.I want this beautiful vision to linger with me, as with the spirit of this holiday.

It’s a beautiful – infinite vision.  A picture without a border – A song you always hear.

A memory that never leaves you – a love that is always near.

Infinity, it is there, but it lingers here –  forever. We’ll always be together.   ∞



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