God as a last resort

If you don’t know where to find God – try looking in these places. You’ll find God in the courtroom, in the bedroom, in the emergency room, in the bathroom, in the board room, and in the viewing room of the Funeral home, where it’s a little too late to find anything.

The name of God is used everywhere and in every situation  imaginable. His name is used by people who don’t want anything to do with Him or His ways; until trouble comes or the end comes, then they want to know Him. God is their last resort. He is also readily available, even at that last moment. How’s that for a loving, forgiving God.  Why wait?

God has placed His spirit in and on people, from the moment they are conceived. How and why else would people who don’t consciously know or want anything to do with God, call on Him in moments of desperation and even ecstasy? Because He is there.

It is not His desire that anyone should perish, but that all would have eternal life. We are born with good in us. All that God really wants, is for us to acknowledge that He put it there and to live with that good attributed to Him – not our own doing. We have good in us but also a free will to choose greed instead.

Atheists and agnostics choose to not believe God or gods are real, or they can find no fact to prove He is there or not there. Yet God proves Himself  by being the source and the topic of their non-belief. I can’t scientifically prove that He is or is not, but I believe He is.            I believe in the evidence of life.

Myself, I would rather believe that God is real, rather than living in a confused state of debating whether He is there or not and attributing all good to my own self-existence – being god of myself. How selfish and lonely is that?

As a human, I don’t have enough good within me to be  God. I will fail miserably, with anger, judgement, wrong decisions, favoritism, temptations, seeking self-pleasures, fatigue and isolating myself at times from you . “Leave me alone – I don’t feel like talking.”

If you’re mad at God for all that He didn’t do – get over it. He got over you and me for all that we did do.  God is not punishing us. Most of the hardships we suffer are either natural or self-inflicted. Don’t blame God. Let God be the source of love.  Love Him for that.

Live a life in love, with love. In love with God. In love with each other.                                 Not as a last resort but as a first choice.  Be reconciled to God. Let God be God.    Peace..


Justice of God

I wonder about the human race

Who live on God’s created place

A garden that He made for us

A place where everything is just

The serpent waiting by a tree

Changed everything – was it he?

We chose the fruit – we ate it too

Justice had to follow through

God said we’d work by sweat of brow

Today some people don’t know how

Women would labor at child birth

Now children wonder about their worth

We seek vengeance for the enemy

He’s as busy as he’ll ever be

We sing and praise and make warfare

We ask that life would be more fair

Temptation comes and we rebel

“Out of jail free” we’d never sell

Justice doesn’t stop temptation

Justice keeps us from damnation

Justice is God’s love for us

Jesus paid the price for us

Put the fruit back on the tree

Bring  justice to the enemy

Double minded?

Struggling with your identity – are you double minded?

Struggling with indemnity – are you double minded?

Struggling with enmity – are you double minded?

Struggling with antagonism – are you double minded?

Struggling with these questions?

Double mindedness is the root of what separates us from God.

God has put the answer into your mind.

The devil puts a question into your mind – Did God really say?

To question God, is to double your mind.

Stop struggling with God’s answer – Be of one mind.


Try reading the book of James, in scripture, chapters 1-4 for some resolution.


“I will always love you” from (All about His love)

You called me out of darkness

Took away all my sadness

Filled my heart with the kindness

Of Your word

You repaired what was broken

Changed the lies that were spoken

Caused my heart to be open

Truth was heard

So I will always love You

So I will always love You

I will always love how You reached out for me

I will always love how Your love rescued me

I will always love all You’ve promised to be

I will always love how Your word kisses me

Light has conquered the darkness

Joy has covered the sadness

My heart’s flowing with gladness

With Your word

So I will always love You

So I will always love You


That little devil on your shoulder

That little devil on your shoulder is recognizable by either asking you questions that he wants you to answer in his favor, or by diminishing the consequences of  things that you shouldn’t do.  Some examples are:

“This isn’t so bad – is it?  No one will ever know – will they?  No one is looking – are they?

One time won’t hurt anyone.  Everybody  does it..  I deserve this.  Only one more time –

Only one more time – Only one more time – This is the last time.”  That little devil.

The first thing that little devil will do, is put you against yourself  and in a self-destruct

mode, so he doesn’t have to do anything else but jump on to another shoulder.

Those diminishing consequences have now increased and now you can’t stop.

How do you stop?  What you must do, is not answer his questions in his favor. You have to know the answers to his questions before he asks them.  What are the answers?

Is this so bad?  Yes it is.  Will anyone know?  Yes they will.  Is anyone looking?  Yes they are.  Will one time hurt anyone?  Yes it will.  Everybody does it?  No they don’t.

I deserve this?  You deserve better.  Only one more time?  You said that the last time.

Apparently, that wasn’t the last time.  That little devil.   You’re almost out of time.

Now what is the answer?

Submit yourself  to God;  Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.     James 4:7-8

You deserve better.    Peace ♥