Justice of God

I wonder about the human race

Who live on God’s created place

A garden that He made for us

A place where everything is just

The serpent waiting by a tree

Changed everything – was it he?

We chose the fruit – we ate it too

Justice had to follow through

God said we’d work by sweat of brow

Today some people don’t know how

Women would labor at child birth

Now children wonder about their worth

We seek vengeance for the enemy

He’s as busy as he’ll ever be

We sing and praise and make warfare

We ask that life would be more fair

Temptation comes and we rebel

“Out of jail free” we’d never sell

Justice doesn’t stop temptation

Justice keeps us from damnation

Justice is God’s love for us

Jesus paid the price for us

Put the fruit back on the tree

Bring  justice to the enemy


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