Gratitude is the best attitude.
I’m sorry this is so short – but it’s easy to remember.
Be grateful. It’s so much more rewarding than being hateful.
Find even the smallest thing that you can be grateful for.
Dwell on it and you’re sure to have a better day for it.


Thank You

Thank you to all of you readers

I hope these writings are an inspiration to you

And cause you to be an inspiration to others

May we all be one – one day

Love is (part 2)

Love is:

Waking up every morning and realizing

That night came  again and you went to sleep

And no matter what you did yesterday

Or who you did it to – the sun rose again

And you woke up – with another chance

To live a Godly life

That’s love – that’s forgiveness

As God has forgiven you – forgive others

That’s love – that’s God

Love is God -God is love

1 John 4: 7-8

Love Is


Love is the sunrise that met me this morning

Love is the rainfall – I love when it’s pouring

I don’t know where it comes from – but from above

I don’t know what I’d become – without His love


Love is the length of this life that I’m living

Love is God’s mercy and grace and forgiving

All of the wrong that I’ve done – vanished by love

Healing the wounds left undone – God healed this one


Life is love’s  picture – God is the frame

Love is a savior – Jesus His name

Love is the ocean – kissing  the shore

Love is the one thing – we all adore

We all want more

I don’t know where it comes from – but from above

I don’t know what I’d become – without His love

Love is His love


“Captivate me” (from Sunrise-Sunset)

Early I will seek You and also dwell with You

As the dawn brings new light

That leads me from the night

You are the first sound I hear

As I wake and You are near

Is this the secret place

Where You reward me

Where I will see Your face

As you come toward me

Don’t let the dawn escape me

Let Your light awake me

You are captivating, Lord

Captivate me..

Shine like a diamond

I love you so – Lord, I love you so

You shine like a diamond and you shine upon me

Your love is like diamonds within me

Glory to you God – So precious is your love

So gracious that you would choose me

Your love has a value – my mind can’t conceive

To make me, a mine of your diamonds

Your love within me – brighter than the sun