Gratitude is the best attitude.
I’m sorry this is so short – but it’s easy to remember.
Be grateful. It’s so much more rewarding than being hateful.
Find even the smallest thing that you can be grateful for.
Dwell on it and you’re sure to have a better day for it.


One response to “Gratitude

  1. mark, the banner image evokes a quiet mood, a place where loneliness and sorrow can be together because as you write… the dawn will come.

    i am part of a writer’s group that meet every second week. one of the characters in the group’s name is noel. he is a singer song writer. i love how his words and yours, almost sing off of the page. you have a gift that few “ordinary” writers have.

    hope to see your images in high calling focus soon…

    glad you found the prompt.

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