Sweet Surrender (1992)

I had so many problems ‑ More than my share

My life had fallen apart ‑ That really broke my heart

It just wasn’t fair

So I stopped thinking ‑ Then started drinking

Trying to chase out the pain

But it was still there

I started taking pills ‑ Trying to warm my chills

I couldn’t pay my fare ‑ And I didn’t really care

But they were still there

I was so tired of crying ‑ That I thought of dying

Just when I came to the end ‑ God held my hand

I felt so guilty ‑ That I said forget me

Then held my head down in despair

But He was still there

I knew I had failed Him ‑ And  just couldn’t face Him

I didn’t expect Him to care ‑ But He was still there

Then I started to cry ‑ I don’t want to die

When I looked up He was there

He really cared

I cried – Father! ‑ He cried – son!

When He touched me ‑ We became one

One in Spirit ‑ My soul at peace

God had given me such sweet release

What a sweet surrender

Such a sweet surrender

God is so tender – to the sweet surrender

When I thought my life was so bare

He was still there

He is still there


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