What is your calling?

The question was asked at our  “Portal of destiny” conference; “Do you know what your calling is? Many people didn’t know.  I simply stated, that our calling is found in the word itself. “What calls to your heart when you see it or hear it, that you must  reach out to?” What is calling you?

That is probably your calling – what the Lord is calling you to do.


“Truly” For the resurrection

Truly we should praise Him – Truly He did raise Him

He raised Him from the dead – Exactly as He said

Truly He has saved us – For His name is Jesus

He is the chosen Lamb – Sent by the great  I Am

So give Him your affection

For the Resurrection

For you will live again

Where everything began

Yesterday – forever – We will be together

Giving Him all our praise – We’re redeemed by His ways

He’s our destination – He’s the celebration

And we will live again – Where everything began

So give Him your affection

For the Resurrection

Truly we should praise Him

Truly He did raise Him


Love song of redemption

Have you heard the revelation- all about the Resurrection

And what it is that Jesus did for you?

There’s a story that foretold Him

There’s a grave that could not hold Him

So you’d realize that He did rise for you

It’s a love song of redemption

Of the power of His affection

Your salvation rests at Heaven’s open door

The world brought you affliction

The Lord brought crucifixion

So you don’t have to suffer anymore

Now just call the Name of Jesus

That’s what we did and He saved us

All of Heaven is rejoicing over you

You won’t miss the life you’re living

You will love the life He’s giving

And you’ll realize- that He did rise for you

And you’ll see the place that He prepared for you

It’s a love song of redemption over you

“It’s already done”

“It’s already done”
Jesus’s day of rest – conquering Hell and death. “It’s already done”
He came here for me, He came here for you. He came here to do, what we couldn’t do.
Don’t try to save me – don’t try to change me – don’t worry
about me – “It’s already done” Resurrection day is on its way.
What a day that will be. Halleluia!

“The Lord’s Prayer” (paraphrased)

God You are my Father in Heaven
You are Holy and glorified
Your Kingdom is coming
Your will is being done
Here on Earth
As we appeal to Heaven
You give us our bread daily
You have forgiven and continue
To forgive our sins
And we must forgive others sins
You provide a way out of temptation
That delivers us from the ways of evil
Your ways are of the Kingdom of Heaven
All power belongs to You
And all of the Glory is Yours
For all eternity
This I believe

Celebrate Passover

Celebrate passover.. What a wonderful memory of the God whose power and love for His people will hold back death, part the sea and deliver them to a promised land. Honor Him with a new crossover.. Ask Him to free you from any form of Egypt in your life now. To remove any dead – Godless thing that you may have knowingly or unknowingly  brought through your door, into your home. Call on Him to part the barriers of anything between you and Him or your family, while also asking for the grace to receive the foreigner into your home. What a Passover memory that would be, should these things come to pass in your life.  Let us honor God and follow  the words of a great psalmist
of God: ” You took me out of Egypt – now take Egypt out of me”
Pasach tovah.  Have a happy, memorable passover .

Hosanna! – I love you Jesus! (from: All about His love)

I love You Jesus – My Savior Lord

You really paid a price – I could never afford

A final sacrifice – That took all my sin

You opened Heavens door – So I could come in

I love You Jesus – I love You Jesus

You died upon a cross – You rose from the dead

You truly came to do – All that You said

You are the Lamb of God – The King of Kings

You sit at the Father’s Hand – And all Heaven sings

I love You Jesus – I love You Jesus

My Redeemer – Mighty Savior

You’re my lover – You’re my friend

You’re my Prince of Peace

You’re my counselor

You will be with me to the end

I love You Jesus – I love You Jesus