Still alive at 55

Wow! What a beautiful day. It’s 75 degrees in Pennsylvania. I took my second bicycle ride of the year today, after riding on my bike machine  and lifting weights all winter.

As soon as I got home from work, I put on my biking stuff and put my Ipod on my favorite music and took off. The sights were awesome; Daffodils in full bloom, Forsythia bushes, the smell of cut grass, the comical sight of untanned- hairy legs of men in shorts, in their yards.

My favorite was the little kids with their puppies and all their friends playing with them.

My route took me by my childhood house and neighborhood. The houses look the same but  all of the trees are gone – except the big old evergreen that we used to hide and play under, though now it has been cropped up about ten feet. I rode under the horseshoe-shaped bridge that’s been there as far back as I can remember. The echo never disappears.

I yelled, halleluia! I used to beep my horn – it’s irresistible. I wonder if all the yells and  beeps of car horns get absorbed in there forever, waiting to all come out some day at the same time. What a symphony that would be.

Bicycle riding has been a favorite activity of mine since I was about 25.  I’m 55 now, but I feel 25 when I ride, though I reminisce like I’m 55.  I’m just happy I can still ride like I’m 25 and that I’m still alive at 55.  I just wanted to share my wonderful  day with you.

As always, I hope this and the rest of the writing I share, is an inspiration to you.


One response to “Still alive at 55

  1. Of course, you are the inspiration man!
    And I love the childlike ❤ in you. You're papa does too!
    It was a beautiful day here also. I thank God for it too!
    Tomorrow my grandson, Jesse, in whom me & my hubby helped raise since he was born, TURNS 18 years old. Oh my! We're done now I think. We're gettin' like ol' timers now. We're so proud of him. He is the only one in our family that was raised a Christian, and not a Catholic. He's the special one.

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