I Remember – for Oklahoma – for everyone.

My favorite Iris bloomed again today. I wanted to re-post this writing from two years ago as a memorial for Oklahoma – a reminder to remember

I remember the Iris, that I’m so glad I took a photo of.  It only lasted a day and it was gone. Now I can remember it whenever I want to.

I remember handwritten letters. I can’t remember the last time I received one.

I remember the friends I used to have. Some of which, I don’t  know where they are.

Some of them I don’t see anymore – some I do. Some just must not see me.

I remember the good times with them.

I remember when my piggy bank had potential. Now I’d have to put a bank the size of a car in my garage. I remember when  my bank got me a candy bar or a soda or a gallon of gas.

I remember playing army with my friends outside. Now it’s a virtual game friends play inside. At least it’s still just pretend.

I remember when the rain was fun. Now it scares some people.

I remember when I didn’t know God. It was a free for all – anything goes.

Now I’m free from that – it all had to go.

I remember when I could remember more than I can remember now.

That’s ok, some things we don’t need to remember.

I remember the Iris, so beautiful and full of color.

I remembered to take a picture of it- it only lasted a day.

Remember to grasp and appreciate all that you can each day.

Some things, though so beautiful, change the next day.

Remember to tell those that you love – that you love them.

Don’t just tell them – love them.

Remember the Iris – remember.

The Iris




Change is beautiful

Once as I looked up into the starry sky.

I realized that there was more than I can see.

The stars have been in place, before the first man ever saw them.

Forever and to this day -remaining the same.

They have never changed – they watch us change.

Do their shapes speak of the past or are they in shapes

of the things to come?

The seasons change, though they remind us that they will return –

the same – again and again.

Their change stays the same – what a beautiful change.

Change is beautiful.

God, who never changes, is beautiful.

He allows us to change.

One day, we’ll all be the same.

How delicate life is

While working in the garden, I had to bend down to see these tiny flowers, claiming their own space and right to live. I was amazed that five of these flowers aren’t even as big as my finger tip. God made me so big, yet these so small. They survive as if they were as big as me – though without any support
from their friends, no affirmation, no ego. They get overlooked, forgotten and stepped on and you don’t realize how strong and beautiful they are, until you bend down – lower yourself, to gaze upon these marvels of God.
Delicate, hidden beauties of God. There are so many of us out there.

How delicate life is