Be Unique

Have a mind of your own.

I hope this message makes a positive influence to you.
Be yourself – be unique – be extraordinary or be  mediocre or obsolete.

Don’t be blue –  Be yourself.

Standing alone

Be unique/ Be yourself


2 responses to “Be Unique

  1. Good for you. If I say: “I fully agree with your message”, does that mean I have let myself be influenced or just that I already held the same view as you and have just reaffirmed my own uniqueness?

    • You are correct. We are all unique. I’m simply checking myself, so that my creativity does not become the by-product of the imagination of someone else. Rather, I want my creativity to be the product of my own revelations – therefore unique.
      This is an effort to influence people to receive their own revelations. Is that an oxymoron? Should I just go to bed now?

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