How delicate life is

While working in the garden, I had to bend down to see these tiny flowers, claiming their own space and right to live. I was amazed that five of these flowers aren’t even as big as my finger tip. God made me so big, yet these so small. They survive as if they were as big as me – though without any support
from their friends, no affirmation, no ego. They get overlooked, forgotten and stepped on and you don’t realize how strong and beautiful they are, until you bend down – lower yourself, to gaze upon these marvels of God.
Delicate, hidden beauties of God. There are so many of us out there.

How delicate life is


One response to “How delicate life is

  1. OMG Mark, you come right at the moment in life with your God talk when I need you.
    I’m pouring out tears right now, and opened up your post and it was so comforting.
    Thank you so much, I passed it on to a troubled friend also. BLESSings on you to overtake you, buddy.

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