Show me the way

I found the first poem I wrote around 35 years ago. Before I was following God, before I quit smoking pot, before I had a real full time job, before I was doing just about any of the stuff I’m doing now. It’s interesting how in the poem, things were then – just like they are now.    “Show me the way”

Show me the way to make mankind understand
That we were put on this Earth by demand
In a test to find and see
If we can all feel equality
I’d like to know why there’s such a show
To be one above the other Joe
If you look in his eyes, you’ll see your own –
Not someone who’s made of stone –
That you can chip away until you’re finally alone
There is no hiding – there’s no disguise
And you can’t hide behind your lies
Realize – materialize – peace is in your eyes
He’s just like you – he’s just like me
Someday this world will put us all in our place
And we’ll look at each other –  face to face
Someday we’ll all be free
Show me the way – show me the way
I’ve got to try – eternally