Why Poetry?

Poetry is a universe with  billions of stars in it.

Each poem is a star that shines in the heart of the person or poet, if you will; whose heart and mind found communion with a pen and paper and had the compassion, empathy and love, to share it with the world.

Never classify yourself-simply be yourself.

No one else can write what you or I write.

They don’t have our heart.

I don’t have to be poetic, for His word has written me.

Poetry is His Holy Spirit living inside of me.

“Lord, You Yourself are poetry”

Writing and singing my love to God and His love for me

God Himself is poetry

The balance of His creation is poetry

Time and His word are rhyme and harmony

I don’t have to write it – I can see, hear, smell it

Touch the poetry of His creation

He is within me – poetry

The Sun lighting the day

The voice and the song

The words on a page

The kiss of two lovers

Wind through the trees

The dew on the ground in the morning

Your Holy Spirit among us is poetry

Your love for me is poetry

You are poetry


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