Seeking Approval?

Approval – we all need it and we all assert it. True, we should not seek man’s approval for our identity or we will end up with a false identity.

How sad, that a majority of us are products of our father’s ungodly opinions of us, that molded or melted our self-esteem and causes us to grope

around – in our fifties- for the approval we never received from our father. I forgave my  father and he is in heaven now.

I was one of those neglected, abused people. Only the love of God has nurtured me with the understanding and forgiveness, that it was not my father but the enemy

speaking through his own hurt from his father. Occasionally, things trigger the emotions,   old wounds try to open and the
shield goes up by realizing  that I am a child of God, not some one who “Has no brains” or “Will never amount to anything” or told to

“Shut your damn mouth – you don’t know what you’re talking about.” No wonder some of us still seek affirmation or approval when we try to communicate something.

I  want to be an effective mouthpiece for God. Not for my own satisfaction but to guide people around or through what I have been through,
and give glory to God for doing the leading.  Helping people to realize that if they have no confidence in themselves, they can have confidence in God’s confidence in them,

that “The good work that He started in them, He is faithful to complete” –  for the benefit of others and to give God the glory.  Many blessings to you,  Mark Ettinger


One response to “Seeking Approval?

  1. May your loving Father God continue to speak His words of love and approval into your heart and life… He is faithful and He will complete the good work that He has clearly begun in your life (Phil. 1:6).

    Blessings and peace in Him.

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