Finding the time or place to rest









You will be surprised at how little that God requires from you, to give you a state of peace. He blesses your decision more than your action.

If you only have five minutes or five hours, He will quiet your soul and you can reflect on His response to your quietness throughout the day and hold on to that peace, all  day long.

Just know that He is your peace and that He is always there. You will find Him in all of the quiet things. Connect with the  flow of the clouds drifting by, the soft song of a bird, the gentle

flow of a stream flowing by. God is in all of them. The world screams at us – God whispers. Listen for the whisper.

Just by doing so, you’ll find yourself at rest and honoring God’s call to you and He will bless your soul and your heart for Him.  You will find rest.

Finding peace through the trials, is a much more useful method than trying to find peace by escaping the trials, as the trials will return but the peace will remain.  Peace to you..


My soul finds rest in God alone










The other morning as I was reading my devotional. I started singing – softly: “My soul finds rest in God alone”

He only is my salvation. And on the cross, He bled and He died -that I might know Him forever and I will love him

forever. I kept singing this softly and the presence of God touched me. It was an awesome and beautiful presence

I thought to myself – He loves me – I want to stay here forever, by the stillness of your water.

Let me be with you this way – forever. Guide me Lord. I got up and the reality of the world creeps back in.

The phone rang – I  didn’t answer it- people were yelling outside. I want to stay with Him this way but I can’t

and I got sad and angry at the world. Then I remembered the peace that I felt and I wanted to write about it.

Sometimes I need to get away from my desk at home, to be productive, so I went to a coffee shop to write, but at the only place

I found  to sit, the sun was glaring through the window. So I moved and as I sat there, the music that day just wasn’t conducive to my writing my book, so I left.

There is no rest in the world. My soul finds rest in God alone.

Well, back to my book.  All I need is a little peace and quiet. Some day, nothing at all will distract me or demand my attention, and my book will be finished.

Life itself  is my greatest distraction, as I try to write my book about life. I don’t quite understand that.

This I do understand:  My soul finds rest in God alone.      Jeremiah 6:16

Daily Scripture Verses – Paraphrased and Commentary 1-4-12

1 Corinthians 4:7   (paraphrased)   Who or what makes me different from anyone else? What do I have that I did not receive?

If I did receive it, then why should I boast as though I did not receive it?

Life and death are in the hands of God..  He gives to whom He chooses and takes away from them also.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

New Year’s Resolution

December 31, 2011    New years resolution   –   Choosing the heart over convenience or science.

Humans still have heart activated voice mechanisms..

I choose to use mine – choose to use yours

Choose verbal over digital… While you still can…


When we no longer have time to talk to each other – there will be no need for time anymore..