Rather than Judging







Judging points out the thorn and misses  the rose

It sees the wrong stroke on a beautiful painting – blind to the artist’s heart

Judging finds the crooked stitch on a quilt – removing its warmth

It shows the chip out of a wooden chair – not as a place to sit and rest

When you judge – you become the thorn

You paint the wrong stroke

You sew the crooked stitch

You become the tool that chips the wood

You could be the softness and the scent of that rose – drawing others near

You could be the pallet and the vastness of its colors – brushing beauty

You could be a thread that weaves us together

You could polish the grain of the wood – allowing the tree to live again

Rather than judging – choose to be the painting of the rose on the quilt

over the chair.


3 responses to “Rather than Judging

    • Hello: Thank you.. I’ve read your profile and pages – welcome back to writing or ‘sharing your heart’ again. So sorry about the loss of Sox.
      I have a cat that has white paws, her name is Gracie. She also has a white mustache, it looks like she was drinking milk. She has a sister named Smokie who talks all of the time. They’re both 12 years old.
      I glad you liked the writing, I hope it inspires you. That’s the sole reason
      that I write- to inspire and to honor God. Keep sharing your heart.

      • Thank for the kind words, Mark! Smokie and Gracie (cute names!:)) sound like little darlings.. I look forward to reading more from you. -Rach

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