Help free the children from sex slavery



Twenty tears ago, I wrote an editorial to my local paper, as I was appalled by what I had read about child sexual abuse. Through the years, up to the present,

I wrote a song, pleading to God to save the children, attended a conference concerning human trafficking and child sexual abuse, viewed several documentaries about it,

then wrote a couple of blogs on the subject. The problem hasn’t gotten any better but worse.

Today I saw a show addressing the issue which had actual victims and a phone conversation with an imprisoned man who was  found guilty of selling children for sex, one of which was given by the parents.

The man didn’t deny that he did it and said he was wrong –  asking forgiveness. He then attempted to dodge questions by saying that the girl in question was not 14 years old but

16 and that he didn’t beat her (badly? ) The woman showed scars on her body.  He said he wasn’t a (bad) pimp but just a pimp. The interviewer hung up the phone.

A detective present at the show stated that they try to help the girls, rather than arrest them and that the people guilty of selling children for sex aren’t caught or go to trial because apparently there is no law against

free enterprise or selling whatever you want to – including children. The detective stated that the problem is so large now, that the focus is more on just rescuing the children, not prosecuting the crime.

Pennsylvania, the state I live in, was highlighted as one of the worst states for child sex crimes.  Since the time of Moses and probably before, children have been targeted, abused, victimized, sacrificed  and killed.

Apparently some people, the government and even the parents don’t care. Children are cast out into the desert to be eaten by wolves and vultures who are  under the guise of being human.  People want sex – people want

money and  they don’t care how or who they get it from.

There are problems in the home, in the parenting, in discipline, in the legal system, in government, in the perverted hearts of the people who originate, sell and buy these human trafficking services that abuse and scar these

children for life. I am appalled that our governments , foreign and domestic along with the United nations don’t just step up and put an end to it. Who determines what is priority?

There is no time to discuss which political party will get the credit for stopping it – just stop it. It has nothing to do with Republican or Democratic, Foreign affairs or Religion or tradition. It has everything to do with freeing

innocent children from lust filled , money craving, evil people who will sell you if you give them the chance. There are private groups trying to help these children but there need to be laws enforced world-wide at a

governmental level. Children have rights as human beings and are supposed to be  protected by laws as minors. Yet it seems that some of the sellers have laws protecting them as being in free enterprise.

I say to that: “Free the children!”  I’m appalled that we even have to ask our governments about this, but would you please make an effort to communicate with your government officials concerning freeing children from sex

slavery and putting away the people who buy and sell children – before , God forbid, that someone tries to legalize it. God, save the children.. Thank you – the children will thank you.