Back to the Garden

We have all been  planted in God’s garden here on Earth.  His garden has been the same for generations and will be for generations to come.

We can spend our time waiting for the rain to fall or we can dig our roots deep into the fertile soil that God has put us in.

There is water in the depths that will make us grow –  go deeper.  Enjoy your time here.

Listen  to God’s birds sing – they’ll sing to you for free.

Listen to the wind , blowing through the trees –  they play a song for you.

Listen to the joy and innocence of children playing – they’ll play with you.


Spend some time away from the television or computer screen and sit and watch the Sun set. Wake up early and watch the Sun rise.

Rest in the faith and joy that the Sun will rise again tomorrow, in God’s garden, where the Son has risen.


Back to the Garden


There is a Garden – a beautiful Garden

A Garden where you can go everyday

It’s there in the spirit – a pure heart is near it

A  Garden you’ll live in one day


Back to the Garden – where Jesus is waiting

He’s waiting to show you where you came to be

Waiting to be with you – waiting to walk with you

There in the cool of the day

Back to the Garden where nothing is hidden

Where all that we needed was there on a tree

A tree that turned sinfulness into salvation

Back to the Garden of Eden


So come back to the Garden – where Jesus is waiting

He’s waiting to show you where you came to be

Waiting to be with you – waiting to walk with you

There in the cool of the day

A Garden of fragrances – Aromas of promises

Aromas that lead you to words you should pray

Your heart beats are dances – your spirit romances

The songs that the Garden of fragrances plays


Back to the Garden where nothing is hidden

Where all that we needed was there on a tree

A tree that turned sinfulness into salvation

Back to the Garden of Eden









Rather than Judging







Judging points out the thorn and misses  the rose

It sees the wrong stroke on a beautiful painting – blind to the artist’s heart

Judging finds the crooked stitch on a quilt – removing its warmth

It shows the chip out of a wooden chair – not as a place to sit and rest

When you judge – you become the thorn

You paint the wrong stroke

You sew the crooked stitch

You become the tool that chips the wood

You could be the softness and the scent of that rose – drawing others near

You could be the pallet and the vastness of its colors – brushing beauty

You could be a thread that weaves us together

You could polish the grain of the wood – allowing the tree to live again

Rather than judging – choose to be the painting of the rose on the quilt

over the chair.

The Father’s blessing – a father’s cursing. You are not a failure.

We are pardoned and exonerated by our Father God for our sins, and we forgive the sins of others.  Some of us though, struggle with being  released from the effect of the sins committed upon us.

Words from our natural fathers, linger in our brains.  Some of us may have  actual scars, embedded on our flesh, like a memorial date in bronze, that will never fade away.

Yet we must persevere and move forward each day.     Often the pain surfaces -you gasp for a  breath –  hold back the tears and keep walking.   Only the power of  forgiveness – for you and for another, causes  the memory to dissipate  the pain and let healing come forth.

Holding on to these memories , dwelling on the pain, replaying them at will, with bitterness, hatred and contempt, will never change anything or make you free.

Our heavenly Father has forgiven us and is not angry at us, nor is He replaying memories of our sin or our father’s sins. We should do likewise.

Sins of the fathers are passed down  through the generations. We are all products of our parents and their lack of parenting skills. It is not God’s desire that we live with this pain, rather a plague of  replaying events and  unforgiveness on our parts. Forgiveness is the only thing that breaks the cycle.

Some of us were  paralyzed by the words or actions of an earthly father who made us feel that we’re not good enough. Your Heavenly Father created you to be good enough. You’re not who your natural father  thinks you are.

You are who God says you are. In God’s eyes- through forgiveness, we’re in a place where we can’t do anything wrong – we were created to succeed. Though sometimes the effect of being paralyzed,  interferes with your ability to see yourself able to do anything right.

The key to freedom, is to honor your natural father but serve and  answer to your Heavenly Father. Your natural father, likewise has to follow and answer His Heavenly Father. If he wasn’t following or accountable

to God,  that was the source of the problem. You need to realize and look beyond that fault with forgiveness.

Your natural father, had or has  no insight or proof that you will be a failure.  Ultimately, being your father, if  he thinks you are a failure – how does that make him look – being  the one who raised you?

Why would any one bring  that upon themselves? Do you see  the effect that  this form of delusion and deception can have upon  people?  Someone’s  jealousy, pride and unfulfilled desires don’t make you a failure.

Conversely, someone projecting on to you to be a success by accomplishing their failures, won’t make you a success – only in making them feel better.

Do you grasp the curse –  the pattern – the poison – the dysfunction that is handed down through unforgiveness ?  Especially unforgiveness paired with jealousy or pride.

Failure is not when you don’t  meet another person’s standard of excellence – it’s when something doesn’t sync or reach completion.

The term: “Failure to communicate” is a perfect example. The solution being,  to attain communication or to inquire: “What will make our current dysfunction a success – what can we both or all agree upon?”

Simply making an effort, indicates that you’re not a failure.  When you do become successful,  you’ll be making your father a success by being a success,  by default – he is your father.

What is a success? Following God and doing His will,  makes your character a success, not titles or riches or possessions. Success lives in the heart and mind of a person.

If you do fail at something,  it’s only temporary, until you resolve it.  Realizing that you can fail at something and trying to improve it  nullifies a failure.

How can you be concerned about failing, to a Heavenly Father who doesn’t get angry at you or berate you, but picks you up when you fall?  God loves for us to admit our faults and seek Him for the answers or

finding peace through it.  Blessings lift us up – cursing puts us down. Which are you going to listen to?  Bless those who curse you.?

God  has commanded a blessing be spoken over you and has already spoken a blessing over you. Cursing is delivered by someone who isn’t following God and you are not subject to those curses – they are empty and useless.

You have the right to hear what you want to hear and believe what  you want to believe. Forgive.. Believe you are a success – believe the blessing..

Your only possible failure, would be the failure to believe that.  You will succeed.  I myself, am still working on it – and I’m succeeding at that.

God as a last resort

If you don’t know where to find God – try looking in these places. You’ll find God in the courtroom, in the bedroom, in the emergency room, in the bathroom, in the board room, and in the viewing room of the Funeral home, where it’s a little too late to find anything.

The name of God is used everywhere and in every situation  imaginable. His name is used by people who don’t want anything to do with Him or His ways; until trouble comes or the end comes, then they want to know Him. God is their last resort. He is also readily available, even at that last moment. How’s that for a loving, forgiving God.  Why wait?

God has placed His spirit in and on people, from the moment they are conceived. How and why else would people who don’t consciously know or want anything to do with God, call on Him in moments of desperation and even ecstasy? Because He is there.

It is not His desire that anyone should perish, but that all would have eternal life. We are born with good in us. All that God really wants, is for us to acknowledge that He put it there and to live with that good attributed to Him – not our own doing. We have good in us but also a free will to choose greed instead.

Atheists and agnostics choose to not believe God or gods are real, or they can find no fact to prove He is there or not there. Yet God proves Himself  by being the source and the topic of their non-belief. I can’t scientifically prove that He is or is not, but I believe He is.            I believe in the evidence of life.

Myself, I would rather believe that God is real, rather than living in a confused state of debating whether He is there or not and attributing all good to my own self-existence – being god of myself. How selfish and lonely is that?

As a human, I don’t have enough good within me to be  God. I will fail miserably, with anger, judgement, wrong decisions, favoritism, temptations, seeking self-pleasures, fatigue and isolating myself at times from you . “Leave me alone – I don’t feel like talking.”

If you’re mad at God for all that He didn’t do – get over it. He got over you and me for all that we did do.  God is not punishing us. Most of the hardships we suffer are either natural or self-inflicted. Don’t blame God. Let God be the source of love.  Love Him for that.

Live a life in love, with love. In love with God. In love with each other.                                 Not as a last resort but as a first choice.  Be reconciled to God. Let God be God.    Peace..

Rain on me again

Thanking God for bringing me from this place of dryness, one year ago when He rained His mercy on me.

My tears are falling like the rain

and Lord I know You reign

So let your mercy rain upon me

Let me bloom as a flower again

Lord, it’s all in the power you send

Love of God, rain on me again

Turn my mourning into dancing

In the morning I will dance

Through the night while I was sleeping

You showed me your romance

Now your rain is dancing on me

With all my tears, you’ve set me free

Tears of joy, could nearly drown me

For again you’ve rained on me

Tears of mercy, like a rainstorm

You’ve rained on me again