I Remember You

I’ve been here before – I’ll be here some more

A need to be near – Or just shed a tear

I try to recall – A piece of it all

And sometimes I try – But I just can’t cry

I’m here, I’m not there – And it’s just not fair

Until I recall – a piece of it all

And I remember – I remember you

And I remember – Things we used to do

I’m there, I’m not here

And I remember – I remember you

I remember me

I’ve been here before – I’ll be back for more

And I’ll remember

Show me the way

I found the first poem I wrote around 35 years ago. Before I was following God, before I quit smoking pot, before I had a real full time job, before I was doing just about any of the stuff I’m doing now. It’s interesting how in the poem, things were then – just like they are now.    “Show me the way”

Show me the way to make mankind understand
That we were put on this Earth by demand
In a test to find and see
If we can all feel equality
I’d like to know why there’s such a show
To be one above the other Joe
If you look in his eyes, you’ll see your own –
Not someone who’s made of stone –
That you can chip away until you’re finally alone
There is no hiding – there’s no disguise
And you can’t hide behind your lies
Realize – materialize – peace is in your eyes
He’s just like you – he’s just like me
Someday this world will put us all in our place
And we’ll look at each other –  face to face
Someday we’ll all be free
Show me the way – show me the way
I’ve got to try – eternally

I Remember – for Oklahoma – for everyone.

My favorite Iris bloomed again today. I wanted to re-post this writing from two years ago as a memorial for Oklahoma – a reminder to remember

I remember the Iris, that I’m so glad I took a photo of.  It only lasted a day and it was gone. Now I can remember it whenever I want to.

I remember handwritten letters. I can’t remember the last time I received one.

I remember the friends I used to have. Some of which, I don’t  know where they are.

Some of them I don’t see anymore – some I do. Some just must not see me.

I remember the good times with them.

I remember when my piggy bank had potential. Now I’d have to put a bank the size of a car in my garage. I remember when  my bank got me a candy bar or a soda or a gallon of gas.

I remember playing army with my friends outside. Now it’s a virtual game friends play inside. At least it’s still just pretend.

I remember when the rain was fun. Now it scares some people.

I remember when I didn’t know God. It was a free for all – anything goes.

Now I’m free from that – it all had to go.

I remember when I could remember more than I can remember now.

That’s ok, some things we don’t need to remember.

I remember the Iris, so beautiful and full of color.

I remembered to take a picture of it- it only lasted a day.

Remember to grasp and appreciate all that you can each day.

Some things, though so beautiful, change the next day.

Remember to tell those that you love – that you love them.

Don’t just tell them – love them.

Remember the Iris – remember.

The Iris



Until my last breath

Twenty years ago, I had no will to live and no way to change it. Darkness had covered me and I said “take me.”  Just as the switch was about to be pulled, God reached out His hand and He said: “Overruled”.  The Light overcame the darkness, the Life overcame the death.

Again, I say that I will serve You, until my last breath.

This is a reminder to all  of you, as to who you belong to. Light and Life belong to God. Darkness has no right to you – you belong to the Light. He saved me – He’ll save you.

The following was written to commemorate that day.

The day that I found you

I had reached my last breath

I was years from eternity

Though moments from death

Your Spirit walked with me

And showed me the way

I’ll always remember what happened that day

I found no joy in living

So You started giving

No hope of my own

So You called me your own

Though darkness had covered me

You shined your light on me

You lifted the veil

You saved me from death

So I will praise you until my last breath

Dreaming of Your Love

I’m burning the midnight oil again. This seems to happen regularly; anyone else do this? I’m still reflecting-feeling poetic, while seeing how poetic I was feeling a year ago.

“Dreaming of Your Love’

Just to sleep and dream of you

In the Heavens- there with You

To hear your voice and beckoning call

While You guide me through it all

To wake and know I’ve been with You

No doubt of what we’re going to do

From a dream that flew in like a dove

Awakened, but still dreaming of your love..