What part of your house do people see

They drive by a house in their expensive car, gazing at the beauty of  the slate roof, the spotless sandy brick, the paned custom windows and the  red steel door – polished like their car, faced with a brass framed, leaded glass storm door.  They comment  to each other about the wealthy appeal of  the home and keep on driving. Did they see the gutters? No.. Did they even think that without them, there would be water spots and paint stains running all the way down the house and the garden in the front would have a trench from the water that eroded it, from a lack of direction? No..  The least expensive, most ignored part of the house, keeps it looking the best. Some people only notice the best, rather than the source of its preservation. Gutters collect and direct the abundance of rain that gathers at the top,down the spout and out into the world.
We can learn from the gutters, in that we should also pour out the abundance that God pours upon us – out into the world, even when we’re at the top. The effect of  not collecting and directing this abundance poured upon us, will only bring the erosion of our purpose here. Maintaining continuous flow and direction, eliminates clogs and blocks.

Are people only seeing the good parts of your house or the parts of your house that are doing good.  Don’t idolize your parts – utilize them.

Your body (house) is a temple of the living God and from you will pour rivers of living water.      (1 Corinthians 6:19 – 2 Corinthians 6:16 – John 7:38 –  Isaiah 58:11)

It’s time to listen for a whisper

Are you listening?

Have you ever heard in your spirit, the Lord asking you a question?  How did you respond?

We know that He already knows the answer before He asks the question.

To me, this means that God is seeking the answer within our heart, though not

for Him to hear, but for us to hear our own heart before God.

Elijah, the great prophet of God, became fearful for his life and hid away. He had forgotten his

protector and as it sounds to me, he became anxious and depressed.

He fell victim to his own flesh, and like Peter, who “looked down at the water” started to sink..

He wanted God to let him die, but God had more for him. Elijah was then awakened by an Angel of the Lord who reassured him:

“You’re not finished yet.He traveled forty days to the mountain of the Lord on one meal the Angel had given him .

Once there and hidden in a cave, the Lord asks Elijah:

“What are you doing here?” Then Elijah, letting go of his “prophetic reigns” and caving in to his weakened flesh, says:

“I’m looking for You, because I am alone and useless and they are going to kill me.”

God said to him: “Come out here – the Lord is going to pass by.”

The Lord shows His power in wind, quake and fire,  but Elijah  doesn’t respond to it . He’s intimidated.

The Lord then speaks to him in a still, small voice and Elijah humbles himself and comes out of the cave.

The spirit is strong, but the flesh is weak. Elijah had lost touch with his spirit and was weak in his flesh, but God didn’t lose touch with him..

God didn’t chasten him either.  He still provided for him and guided him. I believe that God tried to revive Elijah by showing His power to him,

but Elijah was anxious and afraid.  Even though Elijah had become weak, God was still able to use him again and even answer the  plea of  his heart.

God knows that in our flesh and emotion ,we can fear such a show of power.

So God, in His Love, whispers to us, so we must draw near to Him and hear His still, small voice.

 Have you ever felt useless or alone? God is still with you.

Have you ever felt like you want to die? God is still with you.

When you feel like this, don’t allow lying, deceiving  spirits to dissuade  you.

Persevere, God is still with you.

Submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee. Raise up a standard against the enemy and proclaim:

“God has a use for me- even in my weakness.” If you’re not sure what it is, ask God to show you.

Don’t  wait for the power of God to come like a mighty wind, earthquake or blazing fire – reviving you and knocking you down.

It’s time to listen for a whisper….that still-small voice that

causes you to draw near to Him, so He may draw near to you..

Read the following verses that God inspired me to write, concerning Elijah and me.

“In a whisper”                  1 Kings 19:11

God spoke – to Elijah in a whisper

Not by wind – not by fire – in a whisper

He will   lead you by still water

Follow Him – trust in Him – you will see

Jesus calmed the stormy water

With His voice- Peace be still – Peace be still

Are you listening for a whisper

Just draw near- near to Him -you will hear

Hearing Him- not the wind- in a whisper

Listen for a whisper

A voice that draws you near

Move a little closer

Closer so you hear

You won’t hear crashing thunder

Or see a blazing flame

Only Holy Passion

When Jesus says your name

In a whisper- In a whisper

Love of God – calling you

In a whisper

Not by wind – not by fire

In a whisper

Peace be still

In a whisper – In a whisper

Are you listening?

Winter has passed – Springtime has come!

The Winter has passed and the Springtime has come.  (paraphrased)  Song of Solomon 2:11

Let us acknowledge God. Let us press on to know God.  As surely as the sun rises, God will appear. He will come to us like the rain, Like the spring rain that waters the earth.”  Hosea 6:3

For as the earth brings forth its bud, and as the garden causes the things that are sown in it to spring forth; so the Lord Yahweh will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.  Isaiah 61:11

Let the Lord our God do a new thing – this Spring

Celebrate new life let God love you.

Double minded?

Struggling with your identity – are you double minded?

Struggling with indemnity – are you double minded?

Struggling with enmity – are you double minded?

Struggling with antagonism – are you double minded?

Struggling with these questions?

Double mindedness is the root of what separates us from God.

God has put the answer into your mind.

The devil puts a question into your mind – Did God really say?

To question God, is to double your mind.

Stop struggling with God’s answer – Be of one mind.


Try reading the book of James, in scripture, chapters 1-4 for some resolution.


That little devil on your shoulder

That little devil on your shoulder is recognizable by either asking you questions that he wants you to answer in his favor, or by diminishing the consequences of  things that you shouldn’t do.  Some examples are:

“This isn’t so bad – is it?  No one will ever know – will they?  No one is looking – are they?

One time won’t hurt anyone.  Everybody  does it..  I deserve this.  Only one more time –

Only one more time – Only one more time – This is the last time.”  That little devil.

The first thing that little devil will do, is put you against yourself  and in a self-destruct

mode, so he doesn’t have to do anything else but jump on to another shoulder.

Those diminishing consequences have now increased and now you can’t stop.

How do you stop?  What you must do, is not answer his questions in his favor. You have to know the answers to his questions before he asks them.  What are the answers?

Is this so bad?  Yes it is.  Will anyone know?  Yes they will.  Is anyone looking?  Yes they are.  Will one time hurt anyone?  Yes it will.  Everybody does it?  No they don’t.

I deserve this?  You deserve better.  Only one more time?  You said that the last time.

Apparently, that wasn’t the last time.  That little devil.   You’re almost out of time.

Now what is the answer?

Submit yourself  to God;  Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.     James 4:7-8

You deserve better.    Peace ♥


“Let Love Live”

God loves us so much that he loves us through people

And he loves people through us

The next time you need to feel God’s love

Love a person near you

Let them feel God’s love through you

You’ll feel God’s love, through your love for them

Let love live

Whether you are receiving or giving

Love is there living

1 John 4:11  Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another.