God as a last resort

If you don’t know where to find God – try looking in these places. You’ll find God in the courtroom, in the bedroom, in the emergency room, in the bathroom, in the board room, and in the viewing room of the Funeral home, where it’s a little too late to find anything.

The name of God is used everywhere and in every situation  imaginable. His name is used by people who don’t want anything to do with Him or His ways; until trouble comes or the end comes, then they want to know Him. God is their last resort. He is also readily available, even at that last moment. How’s that for a loving, forgiving God.  Why wait?

God has placed His spirit in and on people, from the moment they are conceived. How and why else would people who don’t consciously know or want anything to do with God, call on Him in moments of desperation and even ecstasy? Because He is there.

It is not His desire that anyone should perish, but that all would have eternal life. We are born with good in us. All that God really wants, is for us to acknowledge that He put it there and to live with that good attributed to Him – not our own doing. We have good in us but also a free will to choose greed instead.

Atheists and agnostics choose to not believe God or gods are real, or they can find no fact to prove He is there or not there. Yet God proves Himself  by being the source and the topic of their non-belief. I can’t scientifically prove that He is or is not, but I believe He is.            I believe in the evidence of life.

Myself, I would rather believe that God is real, rather than living in a confused state of debating whether He is there or not and attributing all good to my own self-existence – being god of myself. How selfish and lonely is that?

As a human, I don’t have enough good within me to be  God. I will fail miserably, with anger, judgement, wrong decisions, favoritism, temptations, seeking self-pleasures, fatigue and isolating myself at times from you . “Leave me alone – I don’t feel like talking.”

If you’re mad at God for all that He didn’t do – get over it. He got over you and me for all that we did do.  God is not punishing us. Most of the hardships we suffer are either natural or self-inflicted. Don’t blame God. Let God be the source of love.  Love Him for that.

Live a life in love, with love. In love with God. In love with each other.                                 Not as a last resort but as a first choice.  Be reconciled to God. Let God be God.    Peace..


Holiday perspective – fill in the blank _____

Hanukkah, Christmas – Jew,  Christian –  Agnostic, atheist.  Fill in the blank ______  Whatever you call yourself or others,  it’s all about God.

Hanukkah and the menorah – they’re not about the Jew -they’re about God.

Christmas – Jesus – they’re not about Christians – they’re about God.

Agnostic, atheist – they’re not about independence –  their  antithesis is  God.

Where ever people are with their identity, this Holy – holiday season,

it’s all about the spirit of the living God – the God who lives through you.

Regardless of what you believe or don’t believe,

right now, at this very moment, there is a spirit of love,  joy, peace,

giving, forgiving, reconciliation, family love, grace and self-sacrifice

that is present all over the world. These are the spirit of God.

Maybe you’re not experiencing any of the above  spiritual remedies.

Don’t blame God, don’t blame yourself, your family or people.

Change the realm of thought you’re living in. Start meditating on

these spiritual remedies and experience God. They don’t taste bad.

If you have trouble experiencing any of  these traits at other times

during the year, maybe you should consider their source and seek

it out.  By doing so, you may find yourself in this spirit most of the time,

not just at this holiday time of year.

No matter what you think about it or call it, or those who think about  it.

It’s all about God.

Thank Him for all of the good you are experiencing right now,

and know that it’s really present, all  of the time in our world,

if it is present within you.  Give yourself a present this year,

the presence of God.   May the peace of God be with you.