Every Church – every Temple – with every name – in every city.
It’s not a building or groups of people that like themselves.
It’s a verb – Be the Church – the called out ones. Go for it.IMG_20160416_173907319_HDR1


2013 – Open a new door

St patrick's Cathedral






The year has passed – shut the door
Walk through the open door of the new year
Take your steps without fear
Keep your face in the book of life and love
Draw near to God near to your friends
“Friends love at all times
They are born for times of adversity.” Proverb 17:17
We will only survive in unity

So Many



So many words – I can’t say them all

So many tears – I can’t cry at all

So many ways – to tell you how I feel


So many times – I go round and round

So many rhymes – I can’t write them all down

So many pages – an author, never done

And I want – so many

And I love – so many

Try to find – so many

Can’t find one


And I’ve tried – so many

Tried to hide – so many

Looked inside – so many

More than one


So many lost – don’t know where to go

So many found – that may never show

So many ways – yet so many delays

When will it be done?

When will so many be one?





Rather than Judging







Judging points out the thorn and missesĀ  the rose

It sees the wrong stroke on a beautiful painting – blind to the artist’s heart

Judging finds the crooked stitch on a quilt – removing its warmth

It shows the chip out of a wooden chair – not as a place to sit and rest

When you judge – you become the thorn

You paint the wrong stroke

You sew the crooked stitch

You become the tool that chips the wood

You could be the softness and the scent of that rose – drawing others near

You could be the pallet and the vastness of its colors – brushing beauty

You could be a thread that weaves us together

You could polish the grain of the wood – allowing the tree to live again

Rather than judging – choose to be the painting of the rose on the quilt

over the chair.


Live in the present – In the presence of God

The present – like a gift – the gift of God

His presence is a gift.

Be content in all situations

For His presence is always there.

Don’t yield to the flesh

Surrender to God

Don’t let your flesh be your reward

Absence from the flesh, is presence with God.


Change is beautiful

Once as I looked up into the starry sky.

I realized that there was more than I can see.

The stars have been in place, before the first man ever saw them.

Forever and to this day -remaining the same.

They have never changed – they watch us change.

Do their shapes speak of the past or are they in shapes

of the things to come?

The seasons change, though they remind us that they will return –

the same – again and again.

Their change stays the same – what a beautiful change.

Change is beautiful.

God, who never changes, is beautiful.

He allows us to change.

One day, we’ll all be the same.