“Just Be”







I can be just who I am and just ‘ be’ and that’s enough. Can anyone else just ‘ be’?
Sometimes all of the doing messes up our being. ME

How delicate life is

While working in the garden, I had to bend down to see these tiny flowers, claiming their own space and right to live. I was amazed that five of these flowers aren’t even as big as my finger tip. God made me so big, yet these so small. They survive as if they were as big as me – though without any support
from their friends, no affirmation, no ego. They get overlooked, forgotten and stepped on and you don’t realize how strong and beautiful they are, until you bend down – lower yourself, to gaze upon these marvels of God.
Delicate, hidden beauties of God. There are so many of us out there.

How delicate life is

Justice of God

I wonder about the human race

Who live on God’s created place

A garden that He made for us

A place where everything is just

The serpent waiting by a tree

Changed everything – was it he?

We chose the fruit – we ate it too

Justice had to follow through

God said we’d work by sweat of brow

Today some people don’t know how

Women would labor at child birth

Now children wonder about their worth

We seek vengeance for the enemy

He’s as busy as he’ll ever be

We sing and praise and make warfare

We ask that life would be more fair

Temptation comes and we rebel

“Out of jail free” we’d never sell

Justice doesn’t stop temptation

Justice keeps us from damnation

Justice is God’s love for us

Jesus paid the price for us

Put the fruit back on the tree

Bring  justice to the enemy

A child of God

God, You are the God of creation and life

The God of peace and mercy and love

You love Your creation and its destination

You knew the beginning and You know the end

Which direction the days will follow

You direct me and I should follow

I am Your child, your creation, your life

I am not anything that the world or

My misguided thoughts think that I am

You abide in me as I should in You

You live in my heart and my heart beat is from You

I am the product of peace, mercy and love

I am an heir of Your creation and its destination

You brought me into Your banqueting table

And your banner over me is love

You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies

Surely goodness and mercy will follow me

All the days of my life  –  I am a child of God

Thank you for my life.

“You are Beautiful”

The night is put behind me

As the morning lights the day

A sea of clouds above me

Flowing  by like ocean waves

I wake up to this beauty

Knowing God has made it all

I’m covered by Your mercy

And  I thank  You for it all

You are beautiful

There’s none as beautiful as You

You are beautiful

Creation made beautiful by You

The clouds are like brush strokes

Sweeping softly through the sky

Your wind paints a picture

A picture for your bride

The sun is now rising

And You warm me with the day

You know everything I need

There’s no need for me to say

I’ll say I love you and You love me

You are beautiful

When I go astray – You love me

You are beautiful – You are here

You’re always here – with each new day

This is your way – and it’s beautiful

Let me always see – You are beautiful