What part of your house do people see

They drive by a house in their expensive car, gazing at the beauty of  the slate roof, the spotless sandy brick, the paned custom windows and the  red steel door – polished like their car, faced with a brass framed, leaded glass storm door.  They comment  to each other about the wealthy appeal of  the home and keep on driving. Did they see the gutters? No.. Did they even think that without them, there would be water spots and paint stains running all the way down the house and the garden in the front would have a trench from the water that eroded it, from a lack of direction? No..  The least expensive, most ignored part of the house, keeps it looking the best. Some people only notice the best, rather than the source of its preservation. Gutters collect and direct the abundance of rain that gathers at the top,down the spout and out into the world.
We can learn from the gutters, in that we should also pour out the abundance that God pours upon us – out into the world, even when we’re at the top. The effect of  not collecting and directing this abundance poured upon us, will only bring the erosion of our purpose here. Maintaining continuous flow and direction, eliminates clogs and blocks.

Are people only seeing the good parts of your house or the parts of your house that are doing good.  Don’t idolize your parts – utilize them.

Your body (house) is a temple of the living God and from you will pour rivers of living water.      (1 Corinthians 6:19 – 2 Corinthians 6:16 – John 7:38 –  Isaiah 58:11)


Lost? Try a GPS

We all know what it feels like to be lost. That feeling of helplessness that immediately has you looking for someone for directions or a sign that you missed or looking under the seat for a map. Then, though it’s too late, you put your hand to your forehead  and ask yourself; “Why didn’t I get that GPS ?” You may or may not have heard the term “Lost” used in the terminology of evangelists or church people, trying to direct such lost people. You may not know what they are referring to, as being “lost”.  What they mean is:  You need a GPS.

The following may clarify for you as to whether you are lost and give you  some direction.

If you don’t know where you are or where you are going – you are lost.
If you don’t believe you are lost – you’ve lost your direction, but found your pride.
If you don’t believe in forgiveness – you’ve lost your heart.
If you don’t believe in peace – you’ve lost your love.
If you don’t believe in love – you’ve lost the foundation of life.
If you don’t believe in God – you’ve lost yourself.
If you’ve lost yourself – what will you ever find?
Are you lost?  If so, you need a GPS or God Provided Salvation.
Return home. Be reconciled to God.

Romans 10:13 reads:  Everyone  (that includes you) who calls upon the name of the Lord will be found, rescued, saved, brought back home. Use your GPS, set to “Return Home”


I want to hear you

I want to hear You

I want You to hear me

We all want to be heard

We all want peace – we all want healing

And it will come –

Not only by Your living word

But by living only Your word

The last shall be first

I’ve waited and I’ve heard

I said nothing and You heard me

You heard my heart

You  respond to my heart

I will  follow my heart

I want to hear You

I hear You in my heart