A recent survey disclosed why XMAS is the most wonderful time of the year.

Xtra food is at it’s peak.
Xternal coverings are the most popular gifts
Xcuses for having to leave are the most numerous
Xpressions on the face are priceless
Xit plans are at an all time high
Xtreme drinks are drunk to the Xtreme
Xplanations of careers, sexual preference, and even your Xistence
X-favorite dishes are created abundantly
X-partners are celebrated
Xmas next year is looked forward to by all

Do you have any X’s to add? Please feel free to share them.

Merry Xmas!


Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving is about family and considering those who don’t have a family.                          Being thankful for the family that you may only see on Thanksgiving day is essential to a grateful heart. I recently was given boxes of memorabilia that were my parents – things that I’ve never seen before now. The photos and items have connected me with mine and my parents pasts. I may not have known these people or about these people but they are my people-my blood. I sent a box of some of these items to my sister.
This Thanksgiving day, when my son and his wife come over, I’m going to introduce him to his past-his blood, so he can see where he came from, something that I was never shown. Why, I’ll probably never know – they’re all gone. Now, they have all returned for the holiday. Thanksgiving, it’s about family and unity and thanking God for it.