Why do you need God?

Look at the world

Look at people

Look at yourself

Then look into God

You need God

You don’t need a fifty page explanation

You need God

Believe me – believe God


God, inhabit me

God, make your habitation in me

You inhabit the praises of Your people

And I praise You – inhabit me

As the stars inhabit the sky – inhabit me

the Earth is Yours and all of its fullness

Inhabit me, with Your fullness

Holy Spirit , fill this place within me

Take away any disgrace within me

Make Your habitation in me

Love of God, abide in me

Your Treasure (from the project “All about His love”)

God, your  love for me is

More than I can measure

And the way you feel for me

Is just like I’m your treasure

Though I turn away from my first love

You come after me with more love

You take me back to the love I lost

There’s no more complete love

At no greater cost

And it cost me nothing

You paid it all

More than I can measure

Just like I’m your treasure

When I  know that I’m worth this much

I will know your loving touch

A touch that gives the greatest pleasure

When I know that I’m your greatest treasure

God’s vessel

God, I am your vessel-that you fill

My vessel is not perfect in structure

Though still, you fill it

I have flaws and little cracks

I’m not the most attractive

Though you fill me

Never let me think that my vessel is above you

or great because you fill me

You cannot fill any vessel that puts itself above you

I am your vessel and can only hold what you put into me

When I pour it out, you will fill me again

You are the potter

I would not be a vessel without you

I would only be full of myself, if you did not fill me

So fill me and pour me out- by your hand

Pour me out where you will

And fill me- again and again.