Celebrate Passover

Celebrate passover.. What a wonderful memory of the God whose power and love for His people will hold back death, part the sea and deliver them to a promised land. Honor Him with a new crossover.. Ask Him to free you from any form of Egypt in your life now. To remove any dead – Godless thing that you may have knowingly or unknowingly  brought through your door, into your home. Call on Him to part the barriers of anything between you and Him or your family, while also asking for the grace to receive the foreigner into your home. What a Passover memory that would be, should these things come to pass in your life.  Let us honor God and follow  the words of a great psalmist
of God: ” You took me out of Egypt – now take Egypt out of me”
Pasach tovah.  Have a happy, memorable passover .


“Waiting for me” (from the project “Sunrise – Sunset”)

May the peace of the morning – dwell within me

Let the grace of the dawning – never leave me

Flowing clouds to surround me – following me

Blowing winds all around me – comforting me

There is peace in the morning – waiting for me

God, You met me this morning – waiting for me

Farewell to Spring a reflection of a 2009 Psalmistry

I’m reflecting on writings from this day last year:

The rain is still  falling, it’s been raining a lot this Spring. I love the rain. For me, there is something deeply spiritual and Holy about it. The coolness on my face, the soft sounds in my ears. Rain is such a marvelous blessing from God.  He conducts the rain’s symphony.

“Symphony of the rain”

When I feel the rain upon my face

I feel Your mercy and Your grace

As the rain falls all around me

The countless sounds surround me

The sound of the rain’s symphony

Lord, it’s Your majesty

The leaves of the trees become instruments

As the raindrops play their song

A melody from Heaven, rains on and on and on

The softest song I’ve ever heard

Rain falling through the trees

Unlike a song you can only hear

God lets this song be seen

The drops of rain that sound surreal

A song that Heaven lets me feel

As the rain falls all around me

The countless music surrounds me

The sound of the rain’s symphony

Lord, Your melody rains upon me

The most beautiful love song