Every Church – every Temple – with every name – in every city.
It’s not a building or groups of people that like themselves.
It’s a verb – Be the Church – the called out ones. Go for it.IMG_20160416_173907319_HDR1


Option and Choice

Free From the journals – over two decades and thousands of pages

of writing for whatever reason, simply trying to convey inspiration

to others with what I have been inspired with.

Not really sharing who I was but who I am.

Normally, I’ve been posting a piece from the current date of years earlier.

Occasionally, I’ll just post something randomly.

Today, here’s one from 2008.  What I was vs What I am.  Thanks to the option and the choice that only God offers.


WHAT  I  WAS            VS                 WHAT I AM

Careless                                      Compassionate
Cruel                                            Merciful
Quick                                           Patient
Evasive                                        Empathetic
Rude                                            Kind
Fearful                                         Faithful
Fleshly                                         Spiritual
Defeated                                     Victorious
Victim                                         Dominion
Hateful                                        Loving
Battling                                       Peaceful
Captive                                       Free


Be a blessing not a curse
Be a living – loving verse
People will read you

Be inspired – be inspiring

God, inhabit me

God, make your habitation in me

You inhabit the praises of Your people

And I praise You – inhabit me

As the stars inhabit the sky – inhabit me

the Earth is Yours and all of its fullness

Inhabit me, with Your fullness

Holy Spirit , fill this place within me

Take away any disgrace within me

Make Your habitation in me

Love of God, abide in me

Google Yourself

While stopped at a traffic light  this summer. I could hear many different radio stations playing from the vehicles around me. I was imagining what all those radio waves  and digital signals  looked like and would we listen to them, if we could see what they contained.  It must look like a multi-colored , tightly woven spiders web, wrapping the planet.  If you could see it, you might be afraid to go out into it. We are like tuners or receivers of these waves and we choose what we tune in to. You become a product of what you receive, also a transmitter. What are you receiving or transmitting?   What about in the privacy of your car or your computer room? Ear buds?

Some may think: “What does it matter what I listen to, what I watch, what site I’m on. Something is nudging you to receive what you have chosen and what you have chosen becomes a part of you. These waves are attracted to the number you put on your receiver.  You may deny it and think your channels are clear.  Imagine what is being transmitted from you. Would you want anyone to tune into you?  Have some people already tuned you out? Are you tuned in to the Holy Spirit?  You may want to Google yourself  or the Holy Spirit and see what’s in you-delete some channels.  Be aware of the Prince of the air.         He was the angel of the audio/visual department. He wants to squelch you.

The Song of His Spirit (from: Dance with Me, my beloved)

“God is Spirit and those who worship Him, must worship in Spirit and in truth.”  John 4:24

We are told in 1 John 3:18 “My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and truth.” There are a lot of songs out there- a lot of words..  Have you ever heard or even sung these songs that talk about how you are singing, dancing or giving all you’ve got to the Lord, but when you look around, hardly anyone is dancing and some aren’t even singing. Maybe not even you – or me.“I’m guilty too.”  It’s like everyone is in their own place, even though we’re all in the same place

What is the reason for this, did you ever wonder? There is no question – it’s a heart issue. As I said, there are a lot of words, though many of those words are verbs, that require action to give them life.   There is a verse that states:

“Be doers not just hearers of the word”.   To paraphrase that: “Be doers not just talkers or singers of the word”.   James 1:22  Romans 2:13   Ezekiel 33:30-33

The day came  when I was convicted in my heart and asked myself:   “Why am I singing this, when I don’t even do it?”

I can listen to or talk about what I believe until  the Lord returns; but if I’m

not doing what I believe, how can I really say that I believe it and be speaking the truth??

It’s called: “In deed and in truth”.    If the world around us doesn’t see us in action- they just hear a lot of talk.  Why should they want to believe what we believe? Or as I like to phrase it:  As God believes. They already hear opinions from each other about what they believe or don’t believe.  They need to see proof- a life change in us that came from our salvation through Jesus. To see the living testimony of Jesus and want it for themselves. The freedom of living in the spirit. Then they and we, will have a song to sing..

A song of salvation – A song of His Spirit.

This song was composed out of the  question: “How can I sing a song to you Lord- can my words give you enough love?”  I want to sing and live a song of spirit and truth to you Lord, from a heart full of love, not just a mouth full of words.  Make my life, a song to You Lord…

“The Song of His Spirit”

How can I sing a song to you Lord

What is Your song composed of

When does the music reach Your ears

Can my voice give You enough love

To sing the song You sing for me

We would be in communion

Your  Holy Spirit song through me

Oh what a blessed union

So I will sing Your  song to You

Sung by Your  Spirit within me

Music that Glorifies Your Name

Music to let You draw near me

Songs of salvation ‑ Songs of joy

Songs of the sin that Your  Son destroyed

Songs of His light that shines on my face

Songs that are sung in Your Most Holy Place

Let Me hear music ‑ He whispered to me

The music that’s played by abiding in Me

Sing this for me ‑ for I  sing this for you

Love is the song, Jesus sings about you