Seeing life differently – forever





“What experiences have you had that made you see the world differently, forever?”

This is a question asked by a new blogging friend of mine at the closing of their blog. I’ve included mine, for this ever changing world to see.
How about sharing yours, so we may all see the world differently.

I saw the world differently forever :

… When I fell off of a cliff and all I saw were rocks beneath me, but I landed in the water.

When I watched my mother dying of cancer when I was nineteen years old.

When I jumped from a boat, into the water of the Florida Keys for the first time, in scuba gear, and when the bubbles cleared,
I saw colors and life that I didn’t know existed and I was part of them – breathing under the water.

When I watched my sons being born.

When I was born -again and saw Jesus standing in front of me -glowing – pure white, with His arms reaching for me, and my eyes were closed.

When I saw the Northern Lights dance in rhythm to the music we were playing, for an hour, while camping in Northern Pennsylvania.

When I watched the World Trade Center buildings collapse and remembered being at the bottom of them, looking up and also
on top of them, looking down and just gasping and saying: “Lord have mercy.” Then I said: ‘Things are going to be different from now on.”

I saw the world differently forever, when God Himself intervened and stopped me from committing suicide, by showing me His word and His love for me, as I stood alone in a desolate room in a steel mill, twenty two years ago.

I hope that by reading and sharing your experiences, that you and others may see
how life is the same for some of us but also how some events in our lives can make us see life differently, forever. Life is precious. Thanks for sharing yours.