My Favorite Iris


Nothing to to write – just wanted to say – that my favorite Iris bloomed today.

Nothing to write – that’s a lie. I just wanted to share my photo. Enjoy life..

How much  more do we need to read?

I Remember – for Oklahoma – for everyone.

My favorite Iris bloomed again today. I wanted to re-post this writing from two years ago as a memorial for Oklahoma – a reminder to remember

I remember the Iris, that I’m so glad I took a photo of.  It only lasted a day and it was gone. Now I can remember it whenever I want to.

I remember handwritten letters. I can’t remember the last time I received one.

I remember the friends I used to have. Some of which, I don’t  know where they are.

Some of them I don’t see anymore – some I do. Some just must not see me.

I remember the good times with them.

I remember when my piggy bank had potential. Now I’d have to put a bank the size of a car in my garage. I remember when  my bank got me a candy bar or a soda or a gallon of gas.

I remember playing army with my friends outside. Now it’s a virtual game friends play inside. At least it’s still just pretend.

I remember when the rain was fun. Now it scares some people.

I remember when I didn’t know God. It was a free for all – anything goes.

Now I’m free from that – it all had to go.

I remember when I could remember more than I can remember now.

That’s ok, some things we don’t need to remember.

I remember the Iris, so beautiful and full of color.

I remembered to take a picture of it- it only lasted a day.

Remember to grasp and appreciate all that you can each day.

Some things, though so beautiful, change the next day.

Remember to tell those that you love – that you love them.

Don’t just tell them – love them.

Remember the Iris – remember.

The Iris