A Train Went By

“A Train Went By”            Mark Ettinger


It was early September when I first saw Amber – standing along a dirt  road

A soft breeze was blowing – the  clouds were  all glowing  – Her hair was tied up in a bow

It couldn’t be clearer – I had to be near her

So I took a great step of faith

I walked up beside her and her eyes were brighter

Than the sun that shined on her face


And the birds flew through the air

As the wind blew through her hair

So I moved  the hair from her eye

And a train went by


My heart was romancing and I thought of dancing

So I asked if she’d like to go

She started swaying with no music playing

Twirling around nice and slow

Then we moved together and I thought – forever

When she looked deep into my eyes

She told me  she’d love to

And I thought – I love you

From then on I was mesmerized




The whole town was talking – while we were out walking

They all said that we’re such a sight

The people were betting – that there’d  be a wedding

Turned out the people were right

It wasn’t much longer – that our  love was stronger

That  nothing could  keep us apart

Without hesitation – I asked  her  the question

And that day she gave  me her  heart


As  her words caressed my ears

My eyes were filled with  tears

So  she wiped a tear from my eye

And a train went by


And the clouds were drifting by

The clouds that paint the blue sky

And I felt  like I could fly

And a train went by

As the birds flew through the air

And the wind blew through her hair

As I moved  the hair from her eye

A  train went by – a train went by.



“Surrounded by His love” Poetic devotions

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Thank you to those who have been following my blog and welcome, to those who are just viewing for the first time.
My book “Surrounded by His Love” is available to anyone who would like to have it shipped to them, by using the link below.
The book is 150 pages. Thank you and if you find this book inspiring, please tell your friends. Help me spread the message of love.

How this book came to life

Twenty three years ago, Mark was divorced and lost his family of a wife and his two sons.

 Believing the lie that he was a complete failure and fighting suicidal thoughts, one day the enemy of his soul told him the perfect lie, saying that he can’t even commit suicide right.

“I’ll show you” Mark  said.  Feeling loveless and unloved and hanging by one finger from  the crane in  the steel mill where he worked and seconds from letting go – God sent an Angel that stepped between him and death and said: “Enough.” God introduced Himself  to Mark that day and he has been with Him ever since.  That was Divine intervention. Worldly mercy is not equal to Godly mercy. The world and the enemy will yell “jump!” and watch your demise.  God will change you and give you  life.

         Why did God save a hopeless, sinning, Godless failure from ending his life?

Love- unending love.

He knew that twenty three years from that day, He would bring to life a book about His love, from Mark’s expressing his love for God through poetry and song, for saving his life and to share his  experiences with all of His people. A book that shares how God took a man with no will to live and turned him into an instrument of His love, for all to hear and to  be drawn near to Him.

Mark’s   hope is  that this book is living proof  that it was God’s intention for him to write it and for you to bear witness  and realize the power of His love that is also there for you, even if you think you don’t deserve it.

Enjoy the simplicity of the messages of God’s love in these writings and use the book as a devotional,  with all of the scripture references  added to each one. May God bless you with a new revelation of His love for you through Mark’s revelation of God’s love for him and his love for God.

You may click on this PAYPAL link  below.to order the book – thanks, Mark


What can I sacrifice?

“What can I sacrifice – when everything has been given to me?”
My greatest gain I count as loss – compared to Jesus on the cross.
Philippians 3:7 “However, what things were gain to me,
these have I counted loss for Christ.”
1 Timothy 6:6 “But godliness with contentment is great gain.”
Sacrifice your discontentment for Godliness.
I’m overwhelmed by the depth of His love.
He became a sacrifice for me. What can I sacrifice?

I’m Overwhelmed

I’m overwhelmed – by the depth of your love
and how much you give to me
I’m overwhelmed – by the price that you paid
and gave it to me for free

I’m so in awe of you – at times don’t know what to do
I’m overwhelmed – and I’m starting to see
that you’re overwhelmed with me

I’m overwhelmed – that your mercy endures
and your goodness is there for me

I’m overwhelmed – when my faithfulness fails
that your faith is still with me

I’m overwhelmed – You’re overwhelmed with me
So overwhelmed, that you’re a part of me
I’m overwhelmed – by the depth of your love
and how much you give to me

1Cor.2:12, Romans 8:32ISRAEL & JORDAN 334

Love song of redemption

Have you heard the revelation- all about the Resurrection

And what it is that Jesus did for you?

There’s a story that foretold Him

There’s a grave that could not hold Him

So you’d realize that He did rise for you

It’s a love song of redemption

Of the power of His affection

Your salvation rests at Heaven’s open door

The world brought you affliction

The Lord brought crucifixion

So you don’t have to suffer anymore

Now just call the Name of Jesus

That’s what we did and He saved us

All of Heaven is rejoicing over you

You won’t miss the life you’re living

You will love the life He’s giving

And you’ll realize- that He did rise for you

And you’ll see the place that He prepared for you

It’s a love song of redemption over you

Sweet Surrender (1992)

I had so many problems ‑ More than my share

My life had fallen apart ‑ That really broke my heart

It just wasn’t fair

So I stopped thinking ‑ Then started drinking

Trying to chase out the pain

But it was still there

I started taking pills ‑ Trying to warm my chills

I couldn’t pay my fare ‑ And I didn’t really care

But they were still there

I was so tired of crying ‑ That I thought of dying

Just when I came to the end ‑ God held my hand

I felt so guilty ‑ That I said forget me

Then held my head down in despair

But He was still there

I knew I had failed Him ‑ And  just couldn’t face Him

I didn’t expect Him to care ‑ But He was still there

Then I started to cry ‑ I don’t want to die

When I looked up He was there

He really cared

I cried – Father! ‑ He cried – son!

When He touched me ‑ We became one

One in Spirit ‑ My soul at peace

God had given me such sweet release

What a sweet surrender

Such a sweet surrender

God is so tender – to the sweet surrender

When I thought my life was so bare

He was still there

He is still there

Renconciliation – A Chord of Love

Draw them back to You –  with Your fragrance

Let them seek Your face –  and Your presence

May I be the fragrance of You

To draw all Your people to You

Make my life with You –  like a fragrance

Radiant light on me  – as  a cadence

That they’ll  hear and sing out to You

Like a chord of love  sung with You

Reconcile us Lord – all  together

Reconciled to You –  and forever

Like a chord of love – harmonizing

Music of the Lord – hear it rising

Like a chord of love – reconciling

2 Corinthians 5:18-20

Love Is


Love is the sunrise that met me this morning

Love is the rainfall – I love when it’s pouring

I don’t know where it comes from – but from above

I don’t know what I’d become – without His love


Love is the length of this life that I’m living

Love is God’s mercy and grace and forgiving

All of the wrong that I’ve done – vanished by love

Healing the wounds left undone – God healed this one


Life is love’s  picture – God is the frame

Love is a savior – Jesus His name

Love is the ocean – kissing  the shore

Love is the one thing – we all adore

We all want more

I don’t know where it comes from – but from above

I don’t know what I’d become – without His love

Love is His love